Stand Up For Safety

Stand Up For Safety

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has a long history of successfully campaigning on issues which have the potential to save lives and reduce injuries. From awareness-raising campaigns that highlight how people are killed and injured in accidents and how such accidents can be prevented, to calling for legislative change, RoSPA is committed to preventing harm to others.

Stand Up For Safety is an e-bulletin that focuses on important developments in each of our key campaigns. Its aim is simple: to update everyone who has expressed an interest in this work with an electronic newsletter every few months.

By doing so, RoSPA hopes to create an informal network of like-minded people who are keen to help further the Society's mission, which is to save lives and reduce injuries.

To receive Stand Up For Safety, simply support one or more of our key campaigns.

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Issue 10: Spring Issue 07: Spring Issue 04: Spring Issue 01: Spring
Issue 11: Summer Issue 08: Summer Issue 05: Summer Issue 02: Summer
Issue 12: Autumn Issue 09: Autumn/Winter Issue 06: Autumn/Winter Issue 03: Autumn/Winter
Issue 13: Winter      

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