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Road Safety

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RoSPA's road safety department is proud that Great Britain now enjoys one of the best road safety records in the world - but with around eight people still dying on Britain's roads every day there is still much more to be done.

Inside the road safety area of the website you'll find a whole host of free resources, expert advice and information, road safety videos and more. There are also links to the work we've done within the field of road safety as well as information on our current campaigns.

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Workplace Safety

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Every year in the UK we face the challenge of reducing: about 350 fatalities to workers and members of the public due to reportable accidents at work; 1,000 deaths in work-related road crashes; some 12,000 early deaths due to past exposure to hazardous agents (like asbestos); and more than 36 million working days lost due to work-related accidents and ill health.

Inside the workplace safety area of the website you'll find a wealth of occupational safety information. We provide training courses, consultancy and audit services, and sector-specific information. You can also learn about the various workplace safety journals we produce, as well as our e-bulletins and many satellite websites.

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Home Safety

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Every year in the UK almost 4,000 people die in accidents in the home and 2.7million turn up at accident and emergency departments seeking treatment. But, because the accidents happen behind closed doors in isolated incidents, they rarely attract public and media attention.

RoSPA is one of the few national voices speaking out on this issue. We campaign for change and provide an extensive range of resources to inform, educate and help to prevent accidents in the home and garden.

In the home safety section of the website you'll find advice and information on many topics ranging from safety at Christmas time, to electrical issues, carbon monoxide and general product safety. You can also learn about our current campaigns, or the next home safety event we're holding.

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Leisure Safety

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The main efforts of RoSPA's leisure safety department are focused on reducing the several hundred drowning deaths that occur every year in the UK. We provide balanced advice, campaign for change and drive improvements where appropriate.

To achieve this we work with a wide range of professionals, the UK Government and most importantly members of the public.

Inside you'll find information on our various leisure safety services, including risk assessments, training courses, playground inspections and our consultancy service. We also provide publications, research and discussion papers alongside our wide-ranging advice and information pages.

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Safety in Schools and Colleges

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RoSPA's schools and colleges department supports those who work with children and young people to promote safety, including teachers, headteachers, youth workers and Connexions workers.

We also support road safety officers, voluntary groups, charities, emergency services, university staff, students and others, as well as young people themselves.

Inside you'll find extensive articles written for the education sector, including ideas for assembly and lesson plans. There's information for parents on topics such as computer safety, and what to consider when choosing a babysitter. You can also learn about our current campaigns and policies.

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Child Safety

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The child safety area of the website contains advice, information and resources for safety practitioners, parents, teachers and other professionals who work with children about child safety on the road, in the home and at play.

Inside you'll find various pages on how to keep children safe on the road, in the home, and at play. You might also find Tufty, our famous road safety squirrel, hiding out in these pages.

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News & Press and What's New?

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Read our latest press releases on the website, or subscribe to the RSS feed using Live Bookmarks or an RSS reader of your choice. You can filter press releases by safety area, or search for a specific phrase.

Our extensive database of RoSPA press releases stretches back to 1997.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Browse our fully-searchable FAQ database, with more than 275 entries. Topics range from health and safety guidance, to RoSPA-related questions, and queries about the new website.

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Visit the Help page if you're feeling lost on the website, or simply need to know where to find us, or who to contact. The help section contains information on how to navigate the RoSPA site, accessibility guidelines and more.

You can also find the telephone list and addresses for the various RoSPA offices around the UK here.

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