RoSPA Awards

Industry Sector Awards

The competitive sector awards recognise the organisations that have demonstrated the best health and safety management performance within specific industry sectors.

In each sector there will normally be one overall winner. One or more organisations may also be 'commended' or 'highly commended'. All other sector award entries are automatically re-assessed for an achievement award.

Entrants must demonstrate a consistently excellent and continuously improving performance and ideally provide evidence of a particular initiative or innovative approach which would justify their selection as "best in sector".

Each sector award winner receives an engraved trophy to be held permanently. 'Highly Commended' winners receive an engraved plaque to be held permanently. 'Commended' winners receive a large coloured walnut framed certificate to be held permanently.

Entrants will be required to

Additional information the Panel will look for includes:

  • Substantial accident-free runs (six months, one year, half million man hours etc.)
  • Total days lost due to sickness absence (whether or not related to work related injury or work related ill health)
  • Quantitative evidence of improvement with reference to indicators such as results from active monitoring of compliance with key control measures, near miss reporting, monitoring of environmental conditions, health surveillance, training achievement; behaviour monitoring etc.
  • Measures taken to manage key areas of risk such as occupational road safety, asbestos, site transport, manual handling, stress, slips, trips and falls etc.
  • Occupational health – including measures to control health risks, ensure effective job adaptation and rehabilitation and the promotion of health and well being, including measures to prevent and control health risks e.g. musculo skeletal disorders, stress, hand arm vibration syndrome etc.
  • Management of contractors and sub-contractors – including procedures for selection, control and monitoring
  • The promotion of occupational health and safety externally, for example via the supply and contracting chain; promoting home and leisure safety of staff and their families and 'good neighbour activities' in the community; sharing information via trade associations and other intermediaries etc.
  • Links to corporate performance information and targets reported to stakeholders via the internet. If information on occupational health and safety performance is available on your website, you can supply the links for these pages. In assessing candidates for the Sector Awards the Panel wishes to see examples of working documents that demonstrate actual implementation of measures and procedures (rather than blank forms). These can include, for example:
    • Sample completed risk assessment forms
    • Sample training course (topics and attendance) records
    • Sample safety committee minutes examples of accident and incident investigation reports (with 'identifiers' deleted)
    • Examples of remedial actions 'signed off' etc.
    • Examples of health surveillance records and absence management data collection.

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