Child Safety

A big part of RoSPA's mission is to stop children being accidentally killed or injured.

As part of our campaign to protect society's most vulnerable, we offer advice, information and resources for safety practitioners, parents, teachers and other professionals who work with children about child safety on the road, in the home and at play.

The links here will take you directly to this information which can be found within the different safety areas of RoSPA's web site.

The Safe At Home web site.

Safe At Home - National Home Safety Equipment Scheme

The Safe At Home National Home Safety Equipment Scheme was a major initiative to help families keep their children safe from home accidents. The main focus of the national scheme was to provide home safety equipment to the most disadvantaged families in areas with the highest accident rates. This is because children from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to suffer accidental injuries or deaths.

RoSPA was selected by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (now Department for Education) to run the Safe At Home project and we worked with local authorities, children’s centres and charities to run Safe At Home at a local level.

Although the programme ended in March 2011, we have kept the archived Safe At Home website available online as a source of information for service providers.

The CSEC web site.

CSEC - Child Safety Education Coalition

The coalition, launched by RoSPA and the National Children's Bureau and funded by a £1.6million grant from the Department for Children, Schools and Families (now Department for Education) and aims to promote the provision of high-quality practical safety education in England.

In order to achieve this, member organisations work together to:

  • Identify common and avoidable injuries to children and young people
  • Identify activities where practical safety education could be improved, extended or introduced
  • Provide children with opportunities to develop risk competence appropriate to their age and developmental stage, which is transferable to all aspects of their lives
  • Enable children and young people to have the confidence put their risk competence into practice.
Click here to read all about Tufty.

Tufty Fluffytail was born in 1953, as a creation of the late Elsie Mills MBE. Original stories for The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents featured the squirrel and his friends to introduce clear and simple safety messages to children. Tufty was joined in his adventures by Minnie Mole and the naughty Willy Weasel along with Mrs Owl the teacher and Policeman Badger, who always popped up in the nick of time to save the children. In 1961, the Tufty Club was set up as a nationwide network of local groups. At its peak there were 24,500 registered Tufty Clubs. The characters’ images were changed to keep up with the times in 1979 and again in 1993.

People often ask "Is Tufty alive and well?" Well the answer is certainly yes and he has his own dedicated webpage where you can read the history of the Tufty Club, read about Tufty in the news and on TV, read memories of other people about our furry friend and even leave your own message for Tufty. You can also buy a range of Tufty products.

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