The Cycle of Continuous Improvement.

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Management of Occupational Road Risk (MORR™) - The Cycle of Continuous Improvement

Geared towards providing you with a total road and fleet solutions package.

RoSPA's portfolio of driver and fleet solutions is designed to enable all organisations to enter into a cycle of continuous improvement. There are products and services to suit the varying needs of individual organisations, no matter how fundamental or advanced their management of occupational road risk.

Management Solutions - MORR™ Review
For those at the start of the circle, we would recommend an MORR™ Review. This allows companies to analyse their current policies and procedures to find out how well they are complying with legislation and HSE guidelines.

Risk Assessment Solutions
All employers then have a duty of care to risk assess individual drivers, RoSPA are able to provide a solution whether you are looking to do this online, in-vehicle or even train one of your own employees to carry out the assessment for you.

Driver Training - MORR™ Course
Risk assessment tools will give you an indication of your risk levels and members of your organisation who may need further training. RoSPA have a whole host of driver training courses; from simple one day Driver Development Courses right through to Instructor training, we have the answer. Browse our other courses...

Finally at the end of the cycle, organisations can select an award scheme to reinforce and encourage a positive safety culture.

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