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Driver Profiler 20:20

Driver Profiler 20:20 is a completely new and improved version of Driver Profiler. The software has been more than two years in the making, and is the result of collaboration with a Birmingham City University team led by Professor Craig Jackson. It has been developed through a comprehensive research programme and has already been piloted with 2,385 drivers.

The end result is an online driver risk assessment tool, which predicts levels of driver safety and related risk by measuring psychometric, demographic and behavioural factors that influence driver behaviour.

Driver Profiler 20:20 key features

  • Short question set of 45 questions that takes only 10 minutes to complete
  • Questions take into account new technologies such as sat nav, handsfree etc.
  • Questions tailored to occupational driver risk e.g. fatigue, driving under pressure, distractions etc.
  • Combines measurements of known risk factors concerning driver behaviour and accident risk with psychometric, personality, knowledge, and attitude factors that act as a reliable surrogate measure of driver behaviour
  • Includes a 'consistency checker' to detect inconsistent responses
  • Tailored feedback for every question answered plus an overall risk rating of low, medium or high
  • Flexible feedback to managers that can be tailored according to the company’s needs
  • User friendly, easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing
  • Upgrade to the Managed Service to take the administration out of risk assessment and for added benefit features
BSIF Safety Award

Driver Profiler 20:20 recognised for innovation

RoSPA is delighted that Driver Profiler 20:20 was a finalist in the BSIF Safety Awards 2011, in the Product Innovation category. Fergal Morris, general manager at 3M, presented the certificate to Errol Taylor, RoSPA's deputy chief executive.

Driver and Management Reports

Driver Profiler 20:20 offers a series of reports to allow in-depth analysis of results:

  • Tailored Driver Report - Answers are recorded and compiled into a report for the individual driver, offering advice on how to improve their safety whilst driving for work
  • Company Report – An easy access management report showing who is at risk and why
  • Management Database – An at a glance tool accessible by managers containing ratings for all drivers

What are the benefits?

  • Risk assess workforce at a reduced cost
  • Less downtime than traditional in-vehicle methods
  • Ideal for use with new starters and as a recruitment tool
  • Reinforcement of risk assessments for existing driver
  • Allows prioritisation of training for those who need it most

Who should use Driver Profiler 20:20?

  • Any organisation operating a fleet of vehicles
  • Any organisation that employs people who drive for work purposes
  • Fleet managers
  • HR managers
  • Training managers
  • Logistics managers

Duration: Licences are valid for 12 months and can be purchased for any number of drivers.
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