I need to purchase a highchair for my seven-month-old baby. What should I look out for when buying this equipment?

Accidents involving highchairs injure around 3,400 people each year, according to figures from the Department of Trade and Industry‘s (DTI) Home and Leisure Accident Surveillance System database. Therefore it is important to select and use your child’s highchair with care.

The current highchair standard is a harmonised European standard BS EN 14988-1:2006 + A1 2012. This standard covers domestic high chairs and those found in restaurants and cafes. 

Things to consider:

Ensure that the chair you choose conforms to this standard for strength, safety and stability. It should have a harness and shoulder straps; a lap belt alone is neither supportive nor secure and babies may slip out. Position the highchair away from tables or other surfaces which may be kicked against and threaten the stability of the chair.

Ensure there is a crotch strap or bar to stop the child slipping out of the highchair. Choose a highchair with a removable or adjustable tray so that it is easier to lift your child in and out. Above all, supervise your baby closely at all times.

Date Updated/Created: 03/02/2014


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