What public rescue equipment should I use at my site and where should I place it?

The effectiveness of public rescue equipment (PRE) is dependent on a number of factors and circumstances. It must be part of a whole strategy for drowning prevention and is not a solution in itself.

For PRE to be useful the following must occur:

  • The victim has to be seen
  • They must be recognised as being in difficulty
  • They must remain afloat until rescue arrives
  • Appropriate rescue equipment must be to hand, and in operational condition
  • The rescuer must have the ability, judgement and skill to use the equipment, and to effect a rescue
  • The weather conditions must be favourable
  • The victim must be able to co-operate, i.e. grasp a rescue device.

An assessment of the area and its users should provide the basis for the use of PRE at any given site.

For more information, see this article in Staying Alive.

Date Updated/Created: 05/10/2010


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