Does RoSPA recommend wearing a cycle helmet?

RoSPA recommends that cyclists wear a cycle helmet that meets a recognised safety standard. Cycle helmets, when correctly worn, are effective in reducing the risk of receiving major head or brain injuries in an accident. They do not guarantee protection, nor prevent accidents from happening in the first place, but wearing a cycle helmet is a simple, low cost and effective way that individual cyclists can protect themselves.

A cycle helmet cushions the head in a fall, providing a last line of defence between your head and the ground. It reduces the force of an impact before it reaches your head and brain. The hard outer shell spreads the force of a blow over a wider area than the initial impact site.

Choosing a cycle helmet:

  • Try the helmet on before buying it
  • Make sure you like the type and style
  • Check it has a CE mark and meets at least one recognised Standard: BS EN1078:1997 (European Standard) Snell B.95 (American Standard)
  • Make sure it fits comfortably and securely
  • Check that the straps are easy to do up and adjust
  • Ensure it stays in place on the head when the straps are fastened
  • Make sure it does not obstruct vision
  • Ensure it does not cover the ears
  • Check that it is well ventilated
  • Ensure it comes with clear advice for the user.


Helmets do not prevent accidents. An accident can still be very serious, even when wearing a helmet. So be just as careful, look around for traffic, dress brightly and follow the rules of the road.

Date Updated/Created: 21/09/2010


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