Which groups oppose a change to Single/Double Summer Time (SDST)?

Some people are still cautious about accepting SDST and a few firmly oppose it. A move to SDST has in the past been opposed by those industries whose workers rise early and utilise morning light, for example some farmers, postal workers, those involved in the collection and delivery of milk and the building industry. However, the benefits of moving to SDST are now more widely appreciated. But opinions in Scotland seem to be changing.[1]

RoSPA believes that SDST should be introduced on a trial basis for two or three years (similar to the experiment conducted during 1968-71). The decision about continuing SDST permanently would then be based on the consequent effects on road casualties, as well as the positive economic and environmental effects. This would provide objective, up-to-date evidence about the effects of SDST and also enable the public and the various industry and business sectors that would be affected to experience the change for themselves.

Helpful link: www.rospa.com/roadsafety/adviceandinformation/general/british-summertime-factsheet.aspx

[1] “Clock change one step closer”, The Scottish Farmer, 24 November 2010 and “We're not against moving clocks forward an hour, say Scottish farmers”, The Guardian, 29 October 2010 (cited in www.parliament.uk/briefingpapers/commons/lib/research/rp2010/RP10-078.pdf).

Date Updated/Created: 07/11/2012


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