Which groups are in favour of a change to Single/Double Summer Time (SDST)?

Tourism, leisure and sporting organisations generally support a move to SDST, welcoming the increased opportunities for activity presented by more daylight on weekday evenings. Road safety organisations are persuaded by the research on casualty reduction and support the adoption of SDST.

A MORI poll conducted in 2005 showed that not going back to GMT in winter was supported by 63 per cent of people in London, and 56 per cent of people in Scotland. These figures rose to 76 per cent and 71 per cent respectively when respondents were told of the estimated reductions in road casualties.

The following groups have stated their support for a change:

  • Leisure industry
  • Tourism
  • Sporting organisations
  • Road safety organisations
  • Medical and health organisations
  • 10/10 Campaign
  • Association of Chief Police Officers
  • Age Concern
  • Energy saving organisations
  • NFU England and Wales
  • Gardening and horticultural groups
  • Business organisations
  • Transport organisations (including British Airways and British Rail).

In 2009, a YouGov poll [1] found that:   

  • Two out of three people asked would support the change
  • A third of those asked believed it would improve their well-being
  • Almost half would use the extra time on extra leisure and sporting activity.  

Helpful link: www.rospa.com/roadsafety/adviceandinformation/general/british-summertime-factsheet.aspx

[1] YouGov BALPPA Daylight Saving Survey 2009  

Date Updated/Created: 07/11/2012


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