In the past we have been able to hire scissor lifts without a formal qualification. However, recently we have been told we need to prove we have an operator with an appropriate IPAF qualification.

This development may be as a result of a statement that emanated from the American Rental Association, Association of Equipment Manufacturers, Associated Equipment Distributors, International Powered Access Federation and Scaffold Industry Association in February 2010.

The document is titled “Statement of Best Practices of General Training and Familiarization for Aerial Work Platform Equipment”. (

The purpose is to make all those in the industry - rental operators, manufacturers, associations for those entities, educators, regulators, users and operators - dedicated to the best practices related to the training and safe use of aerial work platform (AWP) equipment.

Section VII (page 15 of the link) has a statement concerning IPAF qualifications which pertains to operators and trainers alike.

Date Updated/Created: 11/01/2012


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