Research and Discussion Papers

The table below contains research and discussion papers into accidental injury and in particular drowning deaths, the majority of these are held by the RoSPA information services, we have provided links to open, free sources where possible. This list is not intended to be definitive, but it is a useful starting point for those looking to find out more. We have listed papers that the Leisure Safety department and partners have found useful, and papers that have been subjected to peer review. The views held in these papers are not endorsed by RoSPA.

UK and Europe focused documents

Title Year Author Publication
A review of water safety arrangements within the sport of rowing 2008 RoSPA PDF 1.95Mb
Water incident related hospital admissions across England between 1997/8 and 2003/4: a retrospective descriptive study. 2006 Wilson, Henderson BMC Public Health
Drowning of babies in bath seats: do they provide false reassurance? 2005 Sibert, Cornall et al RoSPA Infocentre
The epidemiology of non intentional inland drowning on open water in Great Britain between 1989 - 2001 2005 Wilson, Henderson, Cornall RoSPA Infocentre
Systematic review of definitions for drowning incidents 2005 Papa et at PubMed
Drowning of British Children Abroad: An Indication of an European Problem 2004 Sibert et al RoSPA Infocentre
Inland Drowning Trends in Great Britain 2003 Henderson et al RoSPA Infocentre
ABC of resuscitation: Near drowning a clinical review 2003 Harries
Preventing deaths by drowning in children in the UK: have we made progress in 10 years? 2002 Sibert et al
Hypothermia during sports swimming in water below 11 degree centigrade 2001 Keatinge et al RoSPA Infocentre
Immersion deaths and deterioration in swimming performance in cold water 1999 Tipton et al PubMed
Temperature dependence of habituation of the initial responses to cold-water immersion. 1998 Tipton et al PubMed
Immersion, near drowning and drowning 1997 Golden et al RoSPA Infocentre
Drowning and near drowning in children in the UK: Lessons for prevention 1992 Kemp, Sibert RoSPA Infocentre
The effect on clothing on "diving bradycardia" in man during submersion in cold water 1989 Tipton et al RoSPA Infocentre
Cold shock, Swimming Failure and Immersion Hypothermia   US Coast Guard RoSPA Infocentre
Statements on cold water immersion (International Lifesaving Federation)   ILS

Non-EU focused

Title Year Author Publication

Descriptive epidemiology of drowning deaths in a surf beach swimmer and surfer population (Australia).

2006 Morgan et al BMJ Injury Prevention

Case law

Title Year Author Publication
Trustees of the Portsmouth Youth Activities Centre and Poppleton 2008 Lord Justice May EWCA Civ 646
Tomlinson V. Congleton Borough Council 2003 Lord Hoffmann [2003] UKHL 47

*Note: Following a request from the Sports Minister, RoSPA were commissioned by Sport England to undertake a review of the water safety arrangements within the sport of rowing. In this review we systematically observed club activity, interviewed those challenged with controlling the risk management systems within the sport, and reviewed key documentation, policy and procedure. This reports presents a list of recommendations that can be taken forward by the ARA and the wider rowing community to improve aspects of safety and risk management.

The recommendations have often been championed by the majority, and sometimes all of those that we have spoken to within the sport. We believe that the benefit from adoption will be significant in improving safety within the rowing.

We have found that those involved in the running of the sport have been open, enthusiastic and supportive of our work. We are grateful to them, for their time and the contributions to the review. A review of the water safety arrangements within the sport of rowing (PDF 1.95Mb)

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