Leisure Safety Advice & Information

A picture of child skateboarding.

RoSPA's Leisure Safety department, in addition to campaigning for change, provides information and advice on all aspects of safety and accident prevention at leisure and play and in and around water.

  • Leisure Safety
    Advice and information about leisure safety including trampolines, heelys and mini motorbikes.
  • Water Safety
    Advice and information about water safety including garden ponds, ice safety, and watersports abroad.
  • Play Safety
    A wide range of information sheets covering all aspects of play safety including annual inspections, gates and signs, risk assessment and tendering and specification.
  • Safety & Risk Education
    RoSPA promotes the idea of 'as safe as necessary, not as safe as possible' and places an emphasis on equipping people with the skills to ensure informed choices of behaviour.

For further advice and information on all aspects of leisure safety, please telephone: +44(0) 121 248 2000 or email: help@rospa.com. For RoSPA's leisure safety products and resources, to subscribe to a journal or to become a RoSPA member, please telephone: +44(0) 121 248 2233 or email: sales@rospa.com

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