Current Campaigns

To support our key issues in the leisure safety area, we have achieved the following through campaigning:

A picture of the National Water Safety Forum website.National Water Safety Forum

Following the DfT review into water safety, we re engineered to RoSPA water safety committee to become the National Water Safety Forum, which has a much more encompassing membership and affords greater interdepartmental working within government on issues of water safety.

A picture of the Be Water Wise resource.Be Water Wise

Be Water Wise is a campaign run by EuroSafe, the European Association for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion. Based on the premise that drowning is the second leading cause of death for children in Europe, it provides a number of resources, newly updated in 2007 providing advice and information on child water safety. The key Be Water Wise campaign messages are:

  • Actively supervise all young children
  • Teach your children how to swim
  • Everyone must wear a personal floatation device (lifejacket) when boating or fishing
  • Get trained in CPR
  • Use pools that are fenced with locking gates
  • Teach children never to swim alone

A picture of the RUADUMMY2 website.RUA Dummy 2?

Focusing on water safety and risk perception of young people this campaign run by RoSPA in partnership with the Environment Agency is supported by a free teaching resource available online. The premise of the campaign is to help equip young people with the ability to make an informed decision about the risks they take in and around water.

A picture of a garden pond.Government Garden Pond Safety Campaign

RoSPA acted in partnership with the Department of Trade to raise awareness of the danger of garden ponds. To do this we helped with research and distributed garden safety leaflets and pond safety flyers through garden centres, DIY stores and GP’s surgeries nationwide, in addition raising the profile of the issue throughout the UK.

If you are interested in a particular campaign, or think that that RoSPA should be involved or help with your campaign then please contact us!

Water Safety Education

RoSPA for several years now has called for improvements in the teaching of swimming and water safety, improvements in access afforded by good facilities and teachers to enable this to occur, and a step change in the ambition shown by Government in this key area. See our briefing note on this and explore some of the campaigns we have been involved with over recent years.

Get Safe for Summer

Get Safe for Summer is a campaign undertaken by the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) to raise awareness for the summer months that swimming in natural outdoor environments such as the sea, rivers, lakes and canals is quite different from swimming in an indoor swimming pool. It focuses on the importance of learning to swim and of water safety skills.

Other work...

  • Worked with Holiday Which? to highlight issues surrounding informal beach hire and watersports operation abroad.
  • Supported the ASA 'Get Safe for Summer’ swimming camps.
  • Continued to fund and collect data on drowning and near drowning episodes, to further understand and combat this problem.
  • Promoted the concept in the media and among professionals of ‘As safe a necessary, not as safe as possible’ for the leisure sector.
  • Worked with key partners such as British Waterways, The Royal National Lifeboat Institute, The Royal Lifesaving Society, Environment Agency, Maritime and Coastguard Agency, ABP to highlight the risks of water to visitors and children in particular in a sensible and proportionate way.
  • Funded and provided public safety information in a sensible and balanced way. In particular our ‘RUA Dummy 2?’ and ‘Don't Go In’ campaigns have been very successful in reaching key audiences.

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