Membership Fees

When joining RoSPA you are invited to select one of the following primary areas of interest. This information is used to determine which RoSPA journals we send you.

  • Occupational safety
  • Fleet safety solutions
  • Road safety
  • Home safety
  • Water and leisure safety
  • Safety in Education

The membership fee is then dictated by whether you are applying as a large organisation, small organisation or an individual. *Please note that key benefits such as use of the members' logo, free telephone consultancy and discounted safety solutions are not applicable to individual members.

Fees One year Two years
(10% discount)
Three years
(15% discount)
Large organisation
(50+ Employees)
£435 £783 (save £87) £1,109.25 (save £195.75)
SME organisation
(up to 50 employees)
£280 £504 (save £56) £714 (save £126)
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