Safety & Health at Work Congress 2003

Strengthening the Team Approach - 19-22 May 2003 - Halls 10, 11, 12, NEC, Birmingham


Day 1 - Monday 19th May - ‘Stakeholders and strategies’
Day 2 - Tuesday 20th May - ‘Building a common commitment to safety’
Day 3 - Wednesday 21st May - ‘Securing health together’
Day 4 - Thursday 22nd May - ‘Learning and sharing’

Click here to go back to the top of the page.Programme : Day One - Monday 19th May

A1 ‘Stakeholders and strategies’

10.00 Registration & Coffee

10.30 Introduction from the chair
Nina Wrightson, Chair, RoSPA’s National Occupational Safety & Health Committee

10.40 Towards a strategy for OS&H excellence
Rt Hon Nick Brown MP, Minister of State for Work

11.00 Questions to the Minister

11.10 What is real team leadership?
George Cox, Director General, Institute of Directors

  • Setting the vision
  • Creating the right environment
  • Selecting – and ejecting
  • Setting priorities
  • Balancing shared and personal objectives
  • Utilising diverse skills
  • Leading from the front

11.40 ‘The Safety Rep – the hidden solution’
John Edmonds, General Secretary, GMB

  • Safety Reps and the accident statistics
  • Safety as a partnership project
  • Done to us or done by us?
  • Reform of management systems
  • A new culture

12.10 Building partnerships with key stakeholders
Kate Timms, Deputy Director General, Health and Safety Executive

  • ‘Revitalising Health and Safety’
  • Setting and delivering targets
  • Getting priorities right
  • Involving the key players
  • Working with and through intermediaries
  • Strengthening the role of insurance
  • Government as H&S exemplar

12.40 Open Forum

13.00 Close

A2 Case Studies

13.30 Coffee & Registration

14.00 Keeping the team out of jail: lessons from recent cases
Gerard Forlin, Barrister, 2-3 Grays Inn Square

14.30 Strengthening the H&S Competence of Senior Management Teams
Chris Lloyd, Managing Director, CAS Ltd

15.00 Open Forum

15.30 Close

Click here to go back to the top of the page.Programme : Day Two - Tuesday 20th May

B1 ‘Building a common commitment to safety’

10.00 Registration & Coffee

10.30 Introduction from the chair
Eleanor Lawson, President, Institution of Occupational Safety and Health

10.40 Team-based target setting
Roger Bibbings, Occupational Safety Adviser, RoSPA

  • Consulting all stakeholders
  • A wider view of performance
  • Understanding ‘where we are now’
  • Agreeing the right performance indicators
  • Gathering the evidence
  • Reporting on progress

11.10 From open reporting to whistleblowing
Kirsten Trott, Legal Advisor, Public Concern at Work

  • Why whistleblowing matters
  • A classic dilemma
  • A practical response
  • A legislative response
  • Making the law work for you
  • Where now?

11.40 Team-based learning from accidents
David Shillito, Consultant, David Shillito Associates

  • Accidents as ‘windows on reality’;
  • Learning from accidents is difficult, expensive and unwelcome
  • Accident prevention is safety and must be a ‘team’ activity
  • Teams have better, longer memories
  • Teams are better at recognising organisational error
  • Accident scenarios must become a key part of routine risk assessment
  • Accident prevention must involve learning from the sharp end.

12.10 Knowing your business - Changing cultures and behaviours at all levels to that end
John Hatto, Consultant, J & W Hatto Services Ltd

  • Knowledge management and an integrated approach to risk
  • Building a successful team-based approach to include SH&E
  • Incentives – myth or magic?
  • Management behaviours
  • Mindsets and reinforcement

12.40 Open Forum

13.00 Close

B2 Case Studies

13.30 Coffee & Registration

14.00 Contracting safely with Esso
Michael May, Project Manager, Southern Electric Contracting

14.30 Tackling risk on the road together
Martin King, Quality, Safety & Environment Manager, Coca Cola Enterprises Ltd

15.00 Open Forum

15.30 Close

Click here to go back to the top of the page.Programme : Day Three - Wednesday 21st May

C1 ‘Securing health together’

10.00 Registration & Coffee

10.30 Introduction from the chair
Dr Nerys Williams, Head of the Employment Medical Advisory Service, Health and Safety Executive

10.40 Health and Work: developing essential management skills
Lawrence Waterman, Chairman, Sypol Ltd

  • How does health affect business?
  • How can managers intervene to benefit their organisations?
  • What skill do managers need?
  • Where is there evidence of good management practice?
  • Why is health management too important to leave to the ‘experts’?

11.10 Managing health in the business
Sue Guest, UK Health & Safety Manager, Powergen

  • The ‘business case’ for health as well as safety
  • Establishing clear corporate health goals
  • Line managing health and work
  • Putting more 'H' into H&S

11.40 Co-operate to rehabilitate
Dr Pauline Dibben, Lecturer, Human Resource Management, Middlesex University

  • The importance of vocational rehabilitation
  • Conceptualising the role of vocational rehabilitation
  • Key elements in effective workplace rehabilitation
  • Internal and external influences on workplace rehabilitation

12.10 Working together to tackle drink and drugs
Andy Slovak, Chief Medical Officer, BNFL

  • Alcohol, drugs and performance impairment
  • Recreational use and abuse
  • Establishing the need for action
  • Key ingredients for a successful policy
  • Getting workforce and line manager buy-in
  • Keeping everyone on-board
  • Monitoring and review

12.40 Open Forum

13.00 Close

C2 Case Studies

13.30 Coffee & Registration

14.00 Ask the workforce: body mapping: a case study
Hugh Robertson, Head of Bargaining Support and Health & Safety, UNISON

14.30 Getting OH services and advice to smaller firms
Dr Kit Harling, Director, NHS Plus

15.00 Open Forum

15.30 Close

Click here to go back to the top of the page.Programme : Day Four - Thursday 22nd May

D1 ‘Learning and sharing’

10.00 Registration & Coffee

10.30 Introduction from the chair
Paul Reeve, Health & Safety Advisor, The Electrical Contractors’ Association

10.40 Going public on corporate H&S performance
Lieu Nguyen, Project Manager Occupational Safety, RoSPA

  • The challenge to report annually on H&S policies, performance and targets
  • The presence and quality of H&S information on companies’ websites
  • A case for transparent and accessible reporting
  • The perceived barriers
  • Results on current trends in web reporting
  • Guidance on web reporting

11.10 Development of electronic H&S business tools
Pauline Nash, HSE Small Firms Policy Adviser, Health & Safety Executive and a Representative from the IUKE Health & Safety Visit Programme

  • CONNECT for better business – to help businesses learn from the experience of others through ‘real life’ documentary case studies
  • Benchmark Index – a benchmarking resource for SME’s
  • Hazard Identifier – to identify key health and safety hazards in specific sectors
  • IUKE Programme – learning from pioneers, an organised visit programme

11.40 Safely skilling the UK workforce
Speaker tbc, Health and Safety Executive

  • Harms and human factors
  • The duty to assess and assure competence
  • Safety education from classroom to boardroom
  • Building H&S into vocational education
  • Recent HSE initiatives
  • Developing the UK H&S training system

12.10 Building safety and risk concepts into education: towards a coherent strategy
Juliet Brown, Head of Safety Education, RoSPA

  • The need for a framework for risk education
  • Developing a generic approach
  • Building an incremental framework taking into account children’s conceptual development
  • Links to the National Curriculum
  • Examples of Good Practice

12.40 Open Forum

13.00 Close

D2 Case Studies

13.30 Coffee & Registration

14.00 Managing OS&H in the NHS and PFI
Lynne Ainge, Lead Health and Safety Advisor, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust

14.30 Sharing H&S experiences in a major multinational company
Rob McAuley, Global Safety Manager, AstraZeneca

15.00 Open Forum

15.30 Close

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