Human Focus - the organisation RoSPA has worked with to deliver the Bitesize Health and Safety E-learning Kit.

Helping businesses to demonstrate their health and safety management capability

RoSPA has developed the following suite of services to help companies that are seeking a one-stage health and safety pre-qualification which highlights the core issues:

  • Bitesize Health and Safety E-learning Kit workshops for SMEs
  • Our online "Bitesize Health and Safety E-learning Kit" e-learning packages
  • Board level briefings
  • Senior manager training
  • A health and safety review service
  • Mentoring for clients and contractors
  • Master class events
  • Occupational safety training needs analyses
  • A new guide aimed at small firms
  • Our guidance and advice for the management of occupational road risk.

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Bitesize Health and Safety E-learning Kit for Managing Health and Safety

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RoSPA has worked with key organisations to establish a set of core criteria which will be widely recognised as a benchmark of achievement in health and safety. This is particularly addressed at simplifying the huge variety of occupational health and safety pre-qualification schemes which can baffle small business, and is in support of the desire by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills to rationalise all aspects of pre-qualification in procurement generally.

While many smaller businesses recognise the importance of having robust arrangements in place to manage health and safety, they often lack the expertise and professional resources needed to develop their systems fully and to demonstrate their capability to potential clients.

The Bitesize Health and Safety E-learning Kit is a unique web-based health and safety training and risk management system. It is designed to complement your existing health and safety training and systems, making health and safety compliance easier and more cost effective, covering a broad range of topics, from stress awareness to DSE.

It consists of two parts:

  • An extensive training component that builds and measures competence in health and safety
  • Risk management component that supports carrying out and recording risk assessments.

The occupational safety training component enables you to deliver flexible health and safety training to staff, through a mixture of online, DVD and workbook resources. These include a range of on-line interactive tests, the results of which are automatically stored and calculated. This enables you to monitor who has and hasn't undertaken the necessary health and safety training.

The risk management component also consists of online, DVD and workbook resources, designed to guide users through risk assessment templates. It features a wide range of checklists covering major hazard areas and guidance documents that can be downloaded.

Together, the training and risk components help you to manage many aspects of health and safety risk and demonstrate compliance. They also help you make informed decisions of where you may require external specialist help.

RoSPA's Bitesize Health and Safety E-learning Kit of health and safety management services.

The Bitesize Health and Safety E-learning Kit offers a broad range of toolkits, with the following topics currently available:

  • Accident investigation
  • Asbestos safety
  • Display screen equipment
  • Fire safety
  • Food safety
  • General health and safety
  • Hazardous substances
  • Managing safety
  • Manual handling
  • Near miss reporting
  • Noise
  • Sickness absence
  • Stress
  • Working at height.

Each toolkit contains the following:

  • Online training programmes with clear guidance and audio-visual support, which include an outline of statutory responsibilities in the area
  • Online testing
  • Automated certificate generation for successful trainees
  • Online risk assessment component to assist in the undertaking of risk assessments
  • Supporting workbook documentation to guide managers in the undertaking of risk assessment and effective training of staff.

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About RoSPA’s Training Services...

As the leading voice in health and safety, and the longest-running safety organisation in the UK, RoSPA has used its vast experience to develop its range of training courses and delivery methods.

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  • Professional Development Safety professionals on the route to CMIOSH status cannot do better than to study and further their career with RoSPA.
  • Core Criteria RoSPA has worked with key organisations to establish a set of core criteria which will be widely recognised as a benchmark of achievement in health and safety.
  • Trainers & Facilities RoSPA’s clients are very loyal – returning time and time again for training and consultancy services. This is hardly surprising considering the high calibre of RoSPA’s trainers and facilities.

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