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RoSPA Safety Videos

RoSPA has produced several highly informative DVDs and videos on a range of safety topics including home safety, child safety and road safety. Here is a selection of video clips which can now be viewed online.

Blind Cord Safety

Click here to view this Blind Cord Safety video clip.

This film has been produced by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) as part of their Blind Cord Safety campaign. RoSPA is aware of at least four children in 2010 dying from strangulation due to blind cords. The video hopes to raise awareness of this issue and also provides simple instructions for a family to be able to fit a blind cord cleat. Watch the video...

Safe At Home

Click here to view the Safe At Home video clips.

This film has been produced for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) as part of a national Safe at Home campaign to help families keep their children safe from home accidents. It covers accident prevention messages on falls, burns and scalds, drowning and poisoning and highlights the key pieces of safety equipment that can contribute towards reducing accidents in the home. Watch the video...

Home is Where the Harm Is

Click here to view the Home is Where the Harm Is video clip.

A thought provoking insight into home injuries portrayed through Northern Ireland case studies. Accidents covered include: falls; fire; burns; scalds; poisoning; carbon monoxide poisonings; choking and suffocation; garden and DIY. A DVD is also available for purchase from the RoSPA Web Shop. Watch the video...

Driving for Work

Click here to view the Driving for Work video clips.

“Driving for Work” is a short film designed to raise awareness about the risks faced and created by people who drive for work. It is divided into three chapters, each of which features a 'typical' at-work driver; a van delivery driver, a young sales rep and a senior manager. The film also features advice from road safety experts and members of the emergency services. Watch the video...

Child Car Seats

Click here to view the Child Car Seats video clips.

RoSPA have produced a film entitled “Carrying Children Safely”. The film is split up into several chapters which include an introduction to child car seats and why they are needed, as well as sections on choosing and fitting rearward facing seats, forward facing seats, and booster seats and booster cushions. It also includes information about the laws on carrying children. Watch the video...

Cyclists and Lorries

Click here to view the Cyclists and Lorries video clip.

This short video highlights the dangers faced by cyclists on the road especially when in the vicinity of lorries. Watch the video...


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