Young Drivers at Work

Prince Michael Award

The RoSPA Young Driver's At Work project was a two year project run between 2008 and 2010. The project was conducted with support from the Department for Transport's road safety partnership grant and with the help of a working group including the DfT, DSA, Buckinghamshire and Lancashire County Councils, Birmingham City Council, Roadsafe, and

The project has since been awarded a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award.

This online toolkit includes an Activity Guide (PDF 356kb),  Facilitator's Notes (PDF 628kb) and Workshop Slides (PPT 1.34Mb) which will equip you with the information you need to run one of the workshops yourself, and to understand the concepts behind it.

Project overview

The first phase was a research project. The scope was to get a better understanding of the risks faced, and created, by young (17-24 years) drivers at work, including:

  • the views of employers on how well the present system of driver training and testing prepares young people for the sort of driving they do for work
  • whether employers would recognise and make use of a 'driving for work qualification' when recruiting or managing young staff who drive as part of their job, and
  • if so, what should be included in such a qualification or training programme.

The results were published in a report in March 2009. Based on this research RoSPA developed a Young Drivers at Work Workshop. The aims of the workshop are to:

  • Improve the attitudes and behaviour of young at-work drivers
  • Inform the development of organisations' road risk policies
  • Facilitate the consultation of the whole organisation about work-related road safety policies and gauge how well they are followed


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