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Accredited by RoSPA

Looking for formal recognition of your driver training courses? Confirmation that you offer the required content to educate and train delegates on the best ways to reduce road risk?

RoSPA can help – the exceptionally popular and much sought-after approval and accreditation schemes offer organisations the opportunity to demonstrate that their courses adhere to an accepted standard.

This scheme offers a professional assessment of driver training courses and lends added credibility. The RoSPA brand is widely-recognised and respected; courses with the RoSPA stamp of approval will undoubtedly be viewed more favourably and may well be the added benefit needed to clinch business in difficult trading times.

There has been a great deal of interest in this scheme not only in the UK but also overseas.

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Types of Approval/Accreditation

RoSPA have a solution for any organisation offering Driver Training which varies from the lowest level where RoSPA approve the course that a client offers, right through to the highest level whereby RoSPA can accredit the course and trainers along with the process and facilities that an organisation uses. Please see the matrix below which is designed to give clients an insight into what would be required to meet each level of accreditation.

Product Outline (PDF 210kb)

  Approved by RoSPA Accredited by RoSPA RoSPA Membership
Course Approval Course and Centre Trainer Certified Trainer Certified - Plus
RoSPA Membership payment          
Course Materials          
Training Method          
Administration Procedures          
Quality Procedures          
Trainers (RoSPA Diploma Standard)          
Master Trainer Certification          

Discounts are available for RoSPA Members.

Suitable for any courses from classroom workshops through to on-road driver training, in fact any intervention that benefits all road users.

A not for profit version of this service is also available.

Valid for 2 years.

Course and Centre Approval

This service is suitable for approving any courses from classroom workshops through to on-road driver training, however it also inludes approval of the processes used (admin and quality procedures) and the facilities used for training.

A not for profit version of this service is also available.

Valid for 2 years.

Trainer Certification

In addition to course and centre approval this service offers trainer certification to ensure the course and trainers meet the required standard. Trainers will be required to undertake RoSPA's International Diploma in Advanced instruction to certify their ability. This level of accreditation has often been sought by the Oil Industry.

A not for profit version of this service is also available.

Valid for 3 years.

Accredited by RoSPA

In addition to course and centre approval and trainer certification this service also includes RoSPA's International Master Trainer qualification. This accreditation is suitable for larger organisations that have the ability to deliver their products 'in house' in addition to 'in company'. The auditor will look at the delivery of training, the certification of trainers as well as the facilities and administration that provides a quality training experience for the end user. Suitable organisations may be offered the opportunity to provide training directly to RoSPA clients. This qualification is only available to organisation outside the UK only.

Valid for 3 years.

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