RPII Renewal Courses

RPII Renewal Courses

RPII qualified inspectors are advised to re-train before they re-sit the RPII exam.

Routine (Level 1) RPII Renewal

If you are a level 1 RPII qualified inspector we recommend that you attend another RoSPA One-Day Training Courses You can re-sit the exam at the end of the day and this will renew your RPII membership for 3 years.

Operational (Level 2) RPII Renewal

Level 2 qualified inspectors may wish to attend a RoSPA Two-Day Training Courses to refresh their memory of the entire syllabus. Alternatively, we can offer a half day revision course to take place on the client’s premises. This will briefly re-cover the European standards and includes any updates or amendments. The exam can be taken in the afternoon and will renew RPII membership for 3 years.
If you feel that you do not require re-training, you can opt to re-sit the RPII exam when we are running an Operational Inspection Course at one of our training centres across the UK. The cost to take the renewal exam only is £200 plus VAT.

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