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RoSPA has maintained an office in Cardiff for more than 50 years and as a result of this experience is recognised as the ideal organisation to act as an interface between the major road safety organisations in Wales. RoSPA Wales is committed to working closely with the Welsh Assembly Government, local authorities, the emergency services, the media, voluntary groups and other interested parties within Wales, to address road safety problems in the country. RoSPA Wales seeks to be proactive as well as reactive in its function and leads, recommends and develops issues that it considers will bring about greater awareness of road safety and further progress in casualty reduction.

Most of RoSPA's work in Wales is funded by a grant from the Welsh Assembly Government. It is categorised into seven defined roles:

Road Safety Publicity and Public Relations

The media is central to the process of awareness raising and the development of knowledge and understanding about road safety issues. It is, therefore, important for RoSPA to maintain an efficient and effective ability to respond to media enquiries, as well as adopting a proactive role in promoting specific issues to the media. Through contacts within Wales, its key road safety organisations and other groups, RoSPA identifies important and pertinent road safety issues in Wales which are ripe for attention.

In addition to publishing press releases on specific issues, RoSPA receives many unsolicited enquiries, and continues to be highly regarded by the media as one of the most prominent organisations to turn to for independent comment on road safety matters. RoSPA, through its advisory committees, specialists, technical officers and press office is ideally placed to act as spokesperson on such matters. With this back-up, the road safety manager carries out this function in Wales on behalf of RoSPA.

Road Safety Information and Advice

RoSPA Wales provides the general public, the commercial sector, the voluntary sector, politicians and road safety agencies with accurate, relevant and up-to-date information on all issues affecting road users in Wales both proactively and reactively. RoSPA Wales receives a substantial number of enquires and requests for road safety information and support from all such groups.

Road Safety Liaison and Collaboration

The road safety movement in Wales, like the UK as a whole, has many key players, each of whom makes a distinctive contribution. These range from central and local government, professional organisations, and voluntary bodies; RoSPA believes that road safety successes in recent years are the result of a concerted multi-agency approach to the existing problems. RoSPA plays a unique role in Wales in helping to co-ordinate, support, complement and stimulate the work that is being undertaken by working effectively with the appropriate agencies.

Road Safety Education and Communication

RoSPA believes that co-ordination between the twenty-two local authorities in Wales is of paramount importance if road users are to get the best service delivery that they can. Many road safety initiatives will derive extra benefit if resources and services are produced jointly and centrally. RoSPA has a proven track record of effectively co-ordinating the production and delivery of resources.

Road Safety Wales Projects Interface

RoSPA has long been associated with the Road Safety Wales Partnership (previously RoSCoW) and has been instrumental in bringing about change and progress within it. RoSPA recognises the effectiveness and value of many of the projects detailed in the annual RSW Business Plan and because of RoSPA's traditional, unique role and considerable experience implements, manages, co-ordinates and supports many of its projects.

Evaluation of Road Safety Projects and Analysis of Data

RoSPA has considerable expertise and experience in evaluating road safety education, training and publicity projects. RoSPA is also able to analyse specific casualty and other data that are not readily available from other sources. RoSPA monitors and evaluates local and national road safety initiatives and analyses accident data, making recommendations accordingly.

Government Liaison

RoSPA liaises with the Assembly Government on progress of its core and short-term programmes, as well as regular contact regarding developing road safety issues. RoSPA monitors and reports on grant-related activity and other relevant matters.

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