Driveway Safety

A driveway

Not all car accidents involving children occur on the road. RoSPA research shows that at least 26 children have been killed on, or near, the driveways of their home since 2001. Seventeen of these accidents have occurred since 2007. Tragically, in most of these cases, an adult member of the child's family, a neighbour or a visitor to the house was driving the vehicle.

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Lighter Evenings

Lighter evenings

Proposals to amend the system of timekeeping have a long history in Britain, with RoSPA spearheading the campaign for a change that would bring lighter evenings all year round. In the UK, clocks follow Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) from October to March and British Summer Time (BST) which is GMT + 1 hour from March to October. Most of Europe follows Central European Time, which is one hour ahead of GMT in winter and 2 hours ahead of GMT in summer – always one hour ahead of the UK.

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Young Drivers

A Young Driver.

Improving the safety of young drivers is a key campaign issue for RoSPA. Young and novice drivers are more likely to be involved in road accidents than more experienced drivers. They are more likely to be involved in accidents at high-speed, in the dark, when overtaking and when negotiating bends. They are also more likely than experienced drivers to be at fault for collisions.

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Child Car Seats website

Campaign Successes

Child Car Seats Legislation

In 2003 the child car seats website was launched by RoSPA, with funding from the Department for Transport. It was an immediate success and continues to provide parents with vital information about keeping their children safe in cars.

How Belting Up Became Law

Belting up is now second nature to most people when they get in a vehicle but it took many years of campaigning to get the first law on seat belts on the statute books. Find out more.

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