National Safe Driving Awards (NSDA)

NSDA - The low-cost, low-admin scheme to drive your fleet forward.

A cost-effective membership package - for fleet managers and company drivers. Reward for good driving is a well-proven and well-established part of a strategy for managing and reducing occupational road risk and improving staff morale. Enrolling your company drivers into the RoSPA National Safe Driving Awards scheme will provide you with an extremely effective way of encouraging and rewarding their safe and responsible driving. NSDA is a low cost scheme involving minimal administration, in which your employees' driving records are held and annually updated by RoSPA. The scheme offers attractive incentives for individual company drivers to remain accident-free year after year. You could even link NSDA to your own organisation's bonus scheme to provide an additional incentive. NSDA really is effective in helping to promote a positive safety culture and changing people's attitudes to driving.

NSDA Members receive:

  • A certificate of membership
  • A smart lapel badge carrying the NSDA logo
  • A certificate of achievement after each year's accident-free driving
  • Additional 'milestone' awards at specified intervals throughout the scheme

Also available to download: National Safe Driving Awards

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