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The UK's biggest Telecommunications Group – Working with RoSPA

Tony Holt, BT safety adviser for travel and transport explains how working with RoSPA has resulted in fuel savings and safer driving.


BT have been using an interactive risk management tool to assess its drivers. The assessment is not just for members of staff whose job involves a lot of time spent at the wheel. "It is for anyone who drives for BT in any way, shape or form, even if they hire a car just once a year," said Tony. "We take the safety of all our drivers very seriously." Drivers who would benefit from subsequent in-vehicle training are referred to RoSPA's SAFED scheme.

Why BT chose SAFED

"The safety aspect of the training is crucial and, through SAFED's aim to develop a smooth style behind the wheel, there is a clear crossover between safe driving and fuel-efficient driving techniques. Of course, SAFED is about fuel-efficient driving and when you have a fleet the size of ours, if we can save just five per cent on fuel, that can amount to millions of pounds in savings a year."

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Course Summary

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The Government initiated SAFED in 2003 in order to improve driver safety and reduce fatalities whilst on the road as well as introducing fuel-saving benefits to organisations. SAFED aims to improve the driving skills of HGV and van drivers, making them safer and more fuel efficient.

  • Delegates learned to become less stressed and over-all safer drivers
  • They developed a more environmentally friendly way of driving, so that fuel consumption is reduced by up to 10%
  • Delegates improved driving techniques to include better use of gears, keeping correct distances to reduce braking and raising awareness to improve fuel economy and road layout.

Although the course is aimed at HGV and van drivers, the skills can be adapted for use in private vehicles and cars using our Eco Driving Course.

Why we chose RoSPA

"The reason we chose RoSPA was because we wanted to put our drivers through an approved Government course. RoSPA, because it offers SAFED training, enables us to do that."

RoSPA's Fleet Safety Solutions

"Considering the human, legal and economic implications of occupational road risk, it is clear that Managing Occupational Road Risk may be the greatest health and safety issue you face.

RoSPA's dedicated Fleet Solutions team, are on hand to work with your business to develop solutions that match your specific needs - whatever they may be."

"RoSPA's tailored approach to our training needs means we receive a flexible service above and beyond our expectations.

The whole package from booking to delivery couldn't be easier and with courses delivered from expert trainers we know the training is of the highest standard."

Tony Holt Tech IOSH, Safety and Health Practitioner, BT

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