Driver Profiler

Our original online risk assessment tool

Driver Profiler measures your attitude towards driving. It provides excellent insights into the risk posed by drivers. It allows managers to compare individuals and make decisions on the provision of training.

This can be used as an effective recruitment exercise ensuring drivers fit the required profile. The package, designed by two of the UK's leading universities, is exclusive to RoSPA.


Key Features

  • The assessment takes around 10-15 minutes to complete
  • Identifies personal driver information such as accident history, mileage and the type of driving they do
  • Consists of a series statements* regarding driving attitudes - employees select the option that best applies to them
  • The traits measured by the risk assessment are: demographics, distraction, speed, co-operation, dealing with pressure, violations and journey planning
  • Combines measurements of known risk factors concerning driver behaviour and accident risk with psychometric, personality, knowledge, and attitude factors that act as a reliable surrogate measure of driver behaviour
  • Company logo can be added to the software
  • User friendly, easy to navigate and looks great
  • Upgrade to the Managed Service to take the administration out of risk assessment and for added benefit features. Please ask for more details.
  • A report is sent to each individual highlighting problem areas and giving advice, so drivers can see how to improve.
  • Managers have access to a report containing a risk rating for each driver. They can see which drivers pose the highest risk and prioritise training accordingly.

Duration: Licences are valid for 12 months and can be purchased for any number of drivers.

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Also available to download: Driver Profiler

* Written and developed by RoSPA’s road safety experts and our dedicated fleet team, who have designed the system with our clients’ needs in mind.

Discounts are available for RoSPA Members.

  • Any organisation operating a fleet of vehicles
  • Any organisation that employs people who drive for work purposes
  • Fleet managers
  • HR managers
  • Training managers
  • Logistics managers

Individual Reports – will be sent to each driver allowing them to see 'at risk' areas of their driving. It also provides tips and advice to improve these areas.

Manager Access - is enabled via a secure log in which will allow access to Company Reports, these offer an overview of all driver assessments. Managers can also access the detailed individual Driver Reports and view risk ratings. This data can be used in a number of ways, including being able to drill down to company unit or department or for human resource requirements.

The management information system allows managers to identify 'at risk' drivers and organise training programmes.

The RoSPA Driver Profiler Managed Service takes the administration out of risk assessment. Driver Profiler is RoSPA's innovative online driver risk assessment tool, which predicts levels of driver safety and related risk by measuring psychometric, demographic and behavioural factors that influence driver behaviour.

These measures provide excellent insights into the risk posed by drivers, and allow managers to compare individuals and make decisions on the provision of appropriate training.

With the managed service you can pick and choose from the options below for a fully or part managed service to make the risk assessment process easier, comprehensive and more efficient.

Management service options:

  1. Adding a company logo
    A company logo can be added onto the Driver Profiler system, which will be seen by employees when they take the assessment.
  2. Additional data collection
  3. Set up departments/units
    Drivers can be allocated to departments or units e.g. London Depot, Birmingham Depot.
  4. Hierarchy system for management login
    Several managers can be authorised to access the back-office with access rights as required e.g. specific departments only or all results.
  5. Bespoke emails
    Facilitates company specific emails to be sent.
  6. RoSPA issue assessment prompts
    RoSPA can send email prompts to drivers who have not completed the assessment within a specified time.
  7. RoSPA send assessments out on your behalf
    Simply provide email addresses for users to be contacted and information for tailored emails if required and RoSPA will send out the assessments on the company's behalf.
  8. Next step recommendations
    Further training recommendations based on the risk levels of drivers.
  9. Bespoke Reports
    RoSPA can produce reports as required by the customer. These typically include:
    • List of complete/incomplete drivers (although this info is available for the company to access themselves, they sometime prefer RoSPA to manage the whole process and simply inform them of the progress which has been made)
    • High/medium/low risk drivers and reasons for risk rating (e.g. high risk because of aggression)
    • List of incomplete drivers and dates they have been prompted
    • Any other tailored reports required that can be pulled off from the data inputted by the drivers
  10. Driver Support
    Direct phone line to support drivers with issues in using the systems, including forgotten password retrieval.

Who should use Driver Profiler Managed Service?

  • Any organisation operating a fleet of vehicles
  • Any organisation that employs people who drive for work purposes
  • Fleet managers
  • HR managers
  • Training managers
  • Logistics managers

Duration: Licences are valid for 12 months
Price: Quoted to your exact requirements

  • This assessment will identify individuals who are most at risk on the road and their training needs
  • Risk assess drivers at reduced cost
  • Less downtime than traditional in-vehicle methods
  • Can be used as a recruitment tool
  • Ideal as an induction tool for use with new starters
  • Reinforcement of risk assessments for existing drivers
  • Allows prioritisation of training for those who needs it most
  • Fits with HSE guidelines on risk assessing all drivers

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