Health & Safety Construction Sign Pack - Supplied by Stocksigns


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A selection of 22 essential temporary signs to help keep an organised and safe site. This pack includes informational, prohibition, mandatory and PPE signage all on sturdy 10mm Correx.

Included in this pack:

1 x ‘Site Office’ 400 x 300mm
1 x ‘Canteen’ 400 x 300mm
1 x ‘Drying Room’ 400 x 300mm
1 x ‘Toilet’ 400 x 300mm
4 x ‘No Smoking’ 400 x 300mm
2 x ‘Keep this facility clean It is for your benefit’ 400 x 300mm
3 x ‘Children are not allowed to play on this site’ 600 x 400mm
1 x ‘All visitors and delivery drivers must report to the site office’ 600 x 400mm
2 x ‘Safety equipment must be worn’ 600 x 400mm
2 x ‘Hard hats must be worn beyond this point’ 600 x 400mm
1 x ‘Highly flammable’ ‘ No smoking No naked lights’ 600 x 400mm
2 x ‘Danger Scaffolding incomplete’ 600 x 400mm
1x ‘Assembly point’ 600 x 400mm

Fulfilled and supplied by Stocksigns Ltd, 43 Ormside Way, Redhill RH1 2LG – Telephone: +44(0)1737 774072