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What is the Stress and Resilience virtual classroom course?

This 1 hour Stress and Resilience virtual classroom course will help you develop a personal definition what stress is, the signs and symptoms that you may experience or display if you are stressed and the health risks of short and long term stress. It will help you understand your vulnerability to stress and that, by identifying things that cause you stress and managing these in a different way and by having a range of healthy coping strategies, you can reduce the impact that stress has on your physical and mental health.

What are the benefits of Stess and Resilence virutal classroom course?

Stress and pressure are commonplace in almost all working environments and are often present in our personal lives too. Some amount of stress or pressure can be beneficial to our productivity, but too much can cause serious problems to our physial and mental health.

Given the uncertainty around the coronavirus pandemic, coupled with the new challenges of working from home or in isolation, stress and pressure are now likely more than even to be even more prevalent in our employees.

Giving your employees the tools to handle stress and pressure at the moment is a valuable investment in your workforce that could help to protect your organisation in the long-run.