RoSPA Road Safety in Scotland

RoSPA's first influence in Scotland began in Glasgow in 1930 as the "Safety First" Council. RoSPA's knowledge and expertise is used to promote injury prevention and casualty reduction throughout Scottish communities.

Most of RoSPA's road safety work in Scotland is funded by a grant from the Scottish Government's Transport Directorate, and aims to contribute towards the achievement of the Government's Road Safety Framework and National Strategic Objectives.

Information and Advice

RoSPA's reputation in Scotland is well established. An important role is the provision of reliable and well-researched information along with independent advice. This is achieved through responding to many enquiries by email, letter and telephone from members of the public, road safety professionals, local authorities and government officials, to name a few. RoSPA Scotland works closely in partnership with other proactive and influential road safety organisations from all disciplines including engineering, fire and rescue services, education, police forces and others by sharing knowledge, ideas and good practice.

Media and Publications

RoSPA Scotland recognises the importance of the media in conveying the road safety message to the general public and regularly issues press releases. In turn the media acknowledges the value of a RoSPA spokesperson by frequently requesting radio and television interviews, often relating to high profile topics of interest in the public eye or in regard to changes in legislation. In addition, RoSPA writes articles for publication in relevant journals, e-bulletins and newspapers.

Government Liaison

Road safety within RoSPA Scotland is funded by the Scottish Government with whom RoSPA Scotland liaises closely, frequently participating in meetings and events organised by the Scottish Government. In addition RoSPA Scotland responds to relevant Scottish Government consultation documents. The Scottish Government published "Scotland's Road Safety Framework to 2020" in June 2009, which will inform RoSPA Scotland's road safety work plan.

Training Programmes

RoSPA Scotland is committed to delivering quality training for road safety practitioners. Over the past six years the annual programme has included facilitating in-car safety training for road safety officers whose remit includes conducting child car seat checks. Other training courses are organised on themes and topics suggested by road safety practitioners themselves (such as partnership working, drink driving, young drivers, evaluating road safety schemes) and are at CPD level. RoSPA training courses are frequently carried out in partnership with other relevant organisations such as the Scottish Group of the Institute of Road Safety Officers (IRSO), the Fire and Rescue Service and the Scottish Accident Prevention Council (SAPC). RoSPA Scotland is currently considering the development of an accredited course for road safety practitioners working in Scotland.

Partnership Working

RoSPA Scotland endeavours to maintain contact and provide support where requested with the Scottish RoADAR groups.

Over many years RoSPA has provided the secretariat support for the Scottish Accident Prevention Council (SAPC) which has included the organisation of the SAPC annual conference.

In 1984, in response to the news that 1986 was to be European Road Safety Year, RoSPA Scotland met with the then Scottish Office and set up a steering group, made up of RoSPA Scotland, SAPC, IRSO Scottish Group and the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland, the outcome of which saw the formation of the Scottish Road Safety Campaign - now Road Safety Scotland (RSS). Road Safety Scotland develops road safety educational resources to fit with the Scottish curriculum and conducts media campaigns. RoSPA Scotland liaises closely with RSS and is represented on RSS Forum and Publicity Sub Committee.

RoSPA Scotland is a partner in the Scottish and European Child Safety Alliances, working alongside fire and rescue services, child safety organisations, and health and safety professionals to produce a Child Safety Action Plan for Scotland (CSAP). This CSAP is designed to support the Child Safety Action Plan project in Europe.

Recent strategic-level changes within the Scottish Government and local authorities have resulted in increased partnership working and the establishment of the Scottish Community Safety Network and Community Safety Partnerships. To reflect this, RoSPA Scotland changed its structure with road safety, along with home safety, being incorporated within Community Safety.

As with RoSPA UK, occupational driving continues to be a priority for RoSPA Scotland with the management of occupational road risk being heavily promoted. In 2008, working in partnership with the Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives, RoSPA held seminars across the country for human resources professionals, fleet managers and health and safety managers. Continuing on that theme, RoSPA Scotland has formed the Scottish Occupational Road Safety Alliance (ScORSA) working group with a view to developing a website which will provide information for small and medium-sized enterprises, and will link to the currently-established ORSA website. This will be launched later in 2009.

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