RoSPA Inspiration Awards

RoSPA’s awards have long recognised excellence shown through safety management systems at an organisational level. The Inspiration Awards took this a step further with the introduction of five new categories in 2019, honouring the efforts of the individuals, teams and projects that make our organisations unique.

Winners in 2020

Distinguished Service Award

  • Kevin Peart
  • Krishna Nirmalya Sen
  • Haizlin Sulaiman
  • David Wallace MBE

Influencer of the Year Award

  • Kinga Cofor - Laing O'Rourke (Europe) Manchester Airport Transformation Project   
  • Eugine Mayne – Tristar Transport LLC
  • Roshan Menon – Emirates Transport Services
  • James Picot – LKL Relief Services
  • Matthew Schofield – Daniel Thwaites PLC - Hotels, Inns and Managed Properties
  • Tony Sembi – Emirates Transport Services
  • Neil Yeomans – Orbit – Health and Safety
  • Jay Vekaria – Visa Europe

Initiative of the Year Award

Winner - UK:
  • Amey Rail - Thinksafe Project
Winner - Middle East:
  • WSP in the Middle East - Stay Safe Together

Team of the Year Award

Corporate Team of the Year:
  • L’Oréal Corporate Health and Safety Team
Team of the Year - Middle East:
  • Emirates Group – Transport Services
Team of the Year – South East Asia:
  • Santarli Construction Pte Ltd, Direct Discharge Platform Method Team
Team of the Year – South Asia:
  • Larsen & Toubro Construction Ltd - EDFC - CP-204 Railway SBG, EHS Team
Team of the Year - UK:
  • Wills Bros Civil Engineering Ltd, Greenhills Road / A726 Strathaven Road Project Team

Pride Award

  • Tyley Boozer – Highway Care
  • Brett Southgate – Highway Care
  • Seb Ward – Highway Care
  • Chris Evans – Granada Material Handling
  • Elizabeth Hurrell – BAE Systems Maritime Services
  • Nick Ireland – Nottingham Foresters RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders
  • Shamnad Muneer – Tristar Transport LLC
  • Paul & Aggy O’Brien – GTR (Govia Thameslink Railway)

Distinguished Service Award

Kevin Peart (A&P Group)

Kevin Peart, the HSEQ director for A&P Group, has had a long career committed to safety, having started at the age of 17 as a safety representative. He has been instrumental in changing the safety culture at A&P Group, and is the driving force behind its Work-Safe Home-Safe behavioural safety values initiative, which has changed the behaviour of the workforce, management and supply chain.

Since becoming HSEQ director, over the past three years Kevin’s achievements include: helping to reduce the accident/incident frequency rate by more than 400 per cent; RoSPA Gold Award for A&P Group in 2019 and Commended in the Engineering Services Sector in 2020; and achieving ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 with no non-conformances raised. He holds a proud record in the RoSPA Awards, having won in both the Facilities Management and Defence sectors.

Dr Krishna Nirmalya Sen (Larsen & Toubro Limited, MMH SBG)

With over 30 years’ experience, Dr Krishna Nirmalya Sen is well-known internationally, as well as in his home country of India, for enhancing the health and safety practices at Larsen & Toubro and across the construction industry. He has developed many innovative safety systems utilising modern technology at project sites, which have benefited the organisation as a whole and garnered several awards and accolades.

He is associated with several national and international professional bodies, has published several technical papers/research studies in a variety of forums and acts as a mentor and guide to others in the field.

David Wallace MBE (Henry Brothers Midlands Ltd)

David Wallace is an experienced health and safety professional with over 25 years’ involvement at adviser, manager and director levels. He is highly regarded, not only within his company but the wider Northern Ireland construction industry.

David’s career with Henry Brothers has evolved via the work-based learning route, culminating with a Master’s degree in occupational safety and health. He advocates a common-sense approach to risk management but one that seeks to go beyond statutory compliance where possible. This has brought about meaningful change within the company, providing tangible benefits for everyone within the business.

More recently, David has become involved in improving occupational health standards in the Northern Ireland construction industry. Under his leadership, in 2008 Henry Brothers were one of the founding members of BuildHealth NI. This initiative brings together leading construction companies with support from HSENI. In recognition of his services to health and safety in Northern Ireland, David was made a Member of the British Empire (MBE) in 2013.

Haizlin Sulaiman (Malaysian Refining Company Sdn Bhd)

Haizlin Sulaiman has an unrelenting passion for health and safety which has only grown since he first joined the Malaysian Refining Company Sdn Bhd (MRCSB) in 1994. Haizlin is currently the head of health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) and in this role he takes responsibility for ensuring there is continuous improvement in standards of health and safety across all levels and processes in the company.

During his tenure at MRCSB, Haizlin has pioneered the HSSE Generative Culture programme, which aims to build a positive working culture where mistakes are understood and learnt from. The Generative Culture programme instils a strong sense of care in every worker at MRCSB.

He is regarded by his colleagues as a role model for the way in which he pursues an active lifestyle outside of work and encourages others to follow his lead. Haizlin is also in charge of the MestiFit4Health programme, which aims to prevent work-related disease and health risks associated with an inactive lifestyle and unhealthy diet. Haizlin is a true advocate of a “whole person, whole life” approach to managing health and safety.

Influencer of the Year Award

Kinga Cofor (Laing O’Rourke (Europe) Manchester Airport Transformation Programme)

Having joined the team as a junior member of staff, Kinga Cofor has become a key member of the team in a very short space of time, being respected and appreciated by all of her colleagues due to her dedication and commitment in ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone on the project.

She was nominated for the award for establishing and maintaining a unique approach to eliminating the stigma around mental health, particularly in construction. She has been personally responsible for delivering a Hearts and Minds campaign, World Mental Health Day initiatives, and site-side briefings. As well as supporting the programme’s Wellbeing Plan, she established Tea and Talk and drop-in sessions for people to seek advice and support, for themselves or their loved ones. The sessions have normalised conversations at site level, and led to many employees getting the support they need.

Matthew Schofield (Daniel Thwaites PLC)

As group health and safety manager, Matthew Schofield has been a key influencer, shaping the performance and culture of the business and working tirelessly to keep the company’s properties, teams, guests and visitors safe.

Among his achievements over the past year has been a focus on safe work in cellars. This included conducting inspections and risk assessments of every cellar, resulting in: the installation of fixed carbon dioxide (CO2) detectors to all cellars that contained CO2 both above and below ground and training all teams on their use and what to do in the event of an activation; the provision of portable personal CO2 monitors; measures to protect lone workers; and a review of PPE, resulting in the introduction of safety baseball bumpcaps.

As well as identifying ways to make the workplace a safer environment, Matthew has also helped promote safety in the community, including distributing Brighter Beginnings packs to a local nursery and to staff going on maternity/paternity leave.

Tony Sembi and Roshan Menon (Emirates Group - Transport Services)

Tony Sembi and Roshan Menon have achieved major risk reduction among customers, employees and the general public, and inspired road safety operators within the region, with their passion for the reduction of safety incidents, benefiting both the organisation and society at large.

Tony and Roshan undertook a range of measures to improve safety at the company’s main entry point for airport-based employees at Dubai International Airport; an area used by 30,000 workers a day – an increase of 650 per cent since it opened in 2005. Their actions included conducting detailed risk assessments and analysis, engaging leadership, establishing a working group, developing safety alerts, assigning traffic marshals during peak times and establishing agreed behavioural measures. These led to a host of changes which have substantially reduced incidents and injuries.

James Picot (LKL Relief Services Ltd)

Since starting at the company in 2001, James Picot has championed the cause of occupational health and safety within the organisation and beyond, using training to raise standards on farms. James is an unsung hero of the sector, giving at least 1,000 days of his time, free of charge, to provide health and safety training to staff, contractors and others - on top of his “day job” as a regional manager.

He has conducted dozens of courses on key issues such as emergency first aid, using telehandlers, tractors and ATVs, manual handling, safe use of vet medicines and COSHH assessments. More recently, he developed a farm safety and welfare awareness course, which has now been accredited, and delivered the training to more than 40 dairy farms supplying Marks and Spencer.

Neil Yeomans (Orbit)

Neil Yeomans is the driving force behind his organisation’s commitment to putting the safety of its customers first, influencing those inside and outside the company by establishing best practice.

Among his achievements are delivering keynote addresses on culture change at a number of high-profile events, presenting the firm’s vision for Building Information Modelling (BIM) to the Government, developing a safety app to help customers stay safe in their own homes in the event of a fire and creating an interactive house online that customers can use to understand the fire risks in their properties. He also arranged for London Fire Brigade and Kent Fire and Rescue Service to use tower blocks due for demolition for training purposes, so they were able to complete a number of training videos that will be used to support firefighters with the difficulties of tackling fires in high-rise buildings.

Eugene Mayne (Tristar Transport LLC)

Under the leadership of Eugene Mayne, Tristar has become the Middle East’s largest privately-owned liquid logistics company with operations in 20 countries. Consistently cited as a highly influential leader, Eugene has worked to raise awareness of road safety and has become a sought-after public speaker.

Over the last year his achievements include leading the organisation in hosting a road safety and traffic awareness seminar in Riyadh and participating in Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) campaign, Road safety is the responsibility of all, organising a Kids Traffic Arena for school children.

Jay Vekaria (Visa Europe)

Jay Vekaria has been the instrumental driving force of innovation, engagement and raising a dynamic health and safety culture in his organisation. Since joining in 2019, he has delivered successful projects which are now widely accepted across the EU, helped align global policies and influenced others to create programmes that have positively impacted employee lives.

During a major real estate and business growth programme, Jay adopted a unique way to influence stakeholders, showing that risk management can be positive, dynamic and engaging at all levels across the business. He worked with his counterparts and suppliers to enable staff to both actively learn and manage ergonomic risk, created bespoke impartial site auditing programmes, provided stringent and strategic advice and used training to streamline supplier vetting while maintaining key compliance.

A strong believer in personal development and mentoring, Jay led his team to develop a certified bespoke Mental Health Awareness course and regularly holds events encouraging the sharing of good health and safety practice.

Initiative of the Year Award

Middle East winner: WSP in the Middle East – Stay Safe Together

The Stay Safe Together initiative was developed and rolled out in 2019, following an analysis of 2018 near-miss and reporting data. The data revealed the five top risks, which were used as focus areas to run a series of campaigns, working with clients, consultants and contractors to educate and raise awareness.

WSP led by example across projects in the Middle East region by driving the use of leadership team tours to increase engagement levels between all parties, rewarding safe behaviours and promoting a positive health and safety culture, as well as establishing key initiatives such as Stay Safe Together to promote best practice and the recent introduction of Mental Health First Aiders, giving mental health equal importance to physical health.

UK winner: Amey Rail – ThinkSafe Project

Amey Rail aimed to measure psychological/human factor variables related to safety by collaborating on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Leeds Beckett University’s Psychology Applied to Safety and Health research team.

The partnership with Leeds Beckett University resulted in three innovative safety toolkits that are used for gathering non-traditional safety metrics, which in turn will help drive Amey Rail towards a target of zero accidents. The ThinkSafe toolkits look at psychological and human factor variables such as workload, job pressure, safety climate and risk propensity, and are completed by the workforce and supply chain to provide management with a detailed, standardised understanding of the key risks in which targeted improvement plans can be derived.

Team of the Year Award

Corporate winner: L’Oréal Corporate Health and Safety Team

L’Oréal’s Corporate Health and Safety team spearheads the health and safety management of a global workforce comprising approximately 89,000 employees from 140 countries. The team’s role is to embed, review and continually improve global progress across against its seven health and safety pillars. It does this across multiple regulatory, language and cultural boundaries and sites with different levels of safety culture maturity.

As a way of heightening global engagement during 2019, the team developed and launched a one-stop concise interactive health and safety resource for the workforce. It also provides specialist multi-level coaching-style support to general management across the company, coordinates a programme of worldwide site EHS audits and provides thought leadership to the wider international health and safety community. It leads three trailblazing global programmes: the LIFE risks programme; the Ergonomics and Wellbeing programme; and Safe@Work-Safe@Home. These programmes mirror the team’s strategy of striving for a zero-incident vision by extending beyond compliance to create a positive safety culture spanning work and home.

Middle East winner: Emirates Group – Transport Services

Emirates Group Transport Services consists of 117 employees who manage the company’s extensive ground transportation, with 2.5million annual activities within the UAE.

Given the challenging environment it operates in, Transport Services inspires road safety operators within the region with its ability to adapt new international processes and practices. Its ethos for the preservation of life and personal wellbeing has enabled smarter contracts, with efficient and effective monitoring of its external providers.

It has achieved year-on-year improvement in the reduction of accidents, including a 43 per cent improvement in the number of at-fault accident-free days between 2015-2019, which translates to an overall 180 per cent improvement in accident-free days.

South Asia winner: Larsen & Toubro Construction Ltd – EDFC – CP-204 Railway SBG EHS Team

Every member of this 20-strong project team is committed to creating a culture of safety first among every stakeholder by implementing continually improving health and safety practices at a challenging site location which spans more than 400km. Over the last three years, the team’s achievements include 1.7million safe worker hours with zero accidents; organising health and safety days with the community; establishing improved welfare facilities on site; and a safety month initiative.

South East Asia winner: Santarli Construction Pte Ltd

Formed in 2015 in Singapore, the team of six was tasked with improving safety during the excavation of materials and innovated a new direct discharge platform to replace the conventional method that had been widely used within the industry for decades.

Since the new method was introduced, the team have continually looked for ways to improve safety, talking to workers on the ground to learn about the practical use of the platform through their eyes. They have introduced changes such as adding an extra traffic control platform for directing traffic, improving floor markings and signage, avoiding soil contamination that can cause slips, reducing close contact with machinery and tackling drivers’ stress caused by long queues. In addition, the team developed close rapport and regular coordination with marine authorities, helping to boost overall marine safety levels in Singapore.

UK winner: Wills Bros Civil Engineering

During a complex two-year project to widen and upgrade a road to dual carriageway status in a busy urban environment, the road under construction has remained “live” for the duration of the works, meaning that traffic and pedestrian management is a key safety management consideration. The management team have shown tremendous energy, positivity and passion for safety throughout the project, resulting in no reportable accidents over the 16-month construction period – equating to more than 200,000 accident-free hours so far. Steps the team have taken to improve safety include developing an approachable and empathetic relationship with the public and supporting workers’ health and wellbeing through health screenings, drug and alcohol testing and face-fit testing.

Pride Award

Nick Ireland (RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders)

Nick Ireland has been deservedly awarded the Pride Award following his response to a devastating road accident.

While out riding with two other members of the Nottingham Foresters branch of the RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders network, both of his companions were involved in a head-on collision with a car on a country road. Nick acted quickly and calmly, calling the emergency services and using the What Three Words app to pinpoint his exact location so that a speedy response could take place.

Sadly, one of the riders died, but Nick’s actions undoubtedly saved the life of the second rider.

Elizabeth Hurrell (BAE Systems)

Liz Hurrell is the safety, health and environment (SHE) assurance lead for BAE Systems Maritime Services Safety, health and environmental team but work is far from the end of her commitment to safety and wellbeing.

Liz started her career in health and safety for BAE in 2004, after more than eight years with the company, having amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in how to manage risks. She then went back to university to retrain as a paramedic in 2012. Following five years as a paramedic for South Coast Ambulance Services, Liz returned to her SHE career within Maritime Services, taking up her current post. In 2017, she joined the Portsmouth Naval Base Emergency Response Team (ERT) in a voluntary capacity. Last year the team had several traumatic incidents, some of which involved a fatality. Liz has set up a mental health support group “Tea and Talk” (providing her own tea and cakes) for the ERT.

Since 2003, Liz has also volunteered for the Coastguard and now holds the position of Deputy Station Officer for the Portsmouth Coast Rescue Team, where she has been called out to numerous incidents and events. She has also been a member of the Portsmouth Lifeguards since the age of 15 and now sits on the health and safety committee.

Paul & Agy O'Brien (Govia Thameslink Railway)

Govia are proactive in protecting the mental health of both staff and the public at large, offering employees access to in-house and external training aimed at helping them to develop the skills and confidence to help those in need.

To recognise its lifesavers, the firm runs regular events, supported by the Samaritans, and in November 2019 these recognised the brave actions of husband and wife team Paul and Agy O’Brien.

Paul is a team leader at Gatwick Airport railway station and Agy is a project manager in Govia’s retail department. They were en route to pick up their daughter from her first day at nursery near Wivelsfield railway station, when Agy spotted a man standing in between the train tracks. She approached the young man and managed to get him talking, signalling to Paul that he was distressed so that Paul could raise the alarm with staff at Wivelsfield.

Paul is no stranger to acts of bravery. During his 13 years working on the railway, he has dealt with four fatalities, three electrocutions, nine cardiac arrests and eight suicide preventions. Agy is a volunteer with the Rail Care Team which was set up after the Croydon tram crash to provide support after major incidents.

Seb Ward, Brett Southgate, Tyley Boozer (Highway Care)

A group of staff were getting ready to leave for home, when a colleague, Martin Woodridge, came in to say he wasn't feeling well and was going to the break room to sit down. Brett and Seb went to see if Martin was ok and discovered he was sitting slumped on the floor. They called Tyley who is a first aid officer and things deteriorated quite quickly. Following instructions from Tyley, Seb and Brett started to administer first aid to Martin. After this, Tyley called an ambulance, Seb started chest compressions and Brett went to get the defibrillator.

The ambulance crew arrived and the team assisted the ambulance crew as there were concerns at the length of time Martin had been unconscious. They used their equipment to shock Martin but still nothing. A senior crew then arrived to take him to hospital.

Martin had suffered a heart attack and had been clinically “dead” for 20 minutes. He was kept in an induced coma for two weeks. The hospital informed the company that had it not been for the promptness of its three members of staff, Martin would most certainly have died or have brain damage. The team kept him alive by making sure he wasn't starved of oxygen and following procedure to the letter and because of this Martin has recovered well and is back to work on light duties.

Shamnad Muneer (Tristar Transport LLC)

Shamnad Muneer is a dedicated professional with more than nine years’ experience of managing health and safety to internationally-recognised standards. Shamnad’s commitment to health and safety does not stop when he leaves the office; he is ready and willing to answer the call of duty whenever he is needed.

Such an occasion arose in June 2019 when a driver, employed by another company, lost control of his oil tanker and hit the barriers of a side road. While Shamnad was off duty and resting, he received a call to tell him about the incident and was asked to help. Shamnad informed the authorities and then attended the scene of the incident with Tristar’s emergency response team. He closely monitored all the activities and ensured that all the correct health and safety procedures were followed during the clean-up operation.

Chris Evans (Granada Material Handling)

Chris Evans was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident, at the age of 37. He was a much-respected and much-loved member of the Granada Material Handling team, where he was employed as a shift manager, having joined a few years earlier as a shift engineer. Prior to this, he had been a lecturer at one of the local colleges, specialising in electrical engineering.

As well as being a very competent engineer and manager, what made Chris stand out was his commitment to health and safety. He was an active member of the safety committee and attended every meeting he could, even coming in on his days off. He played a very active role in promoting and advocating safe working practices, encouraging his team to look at ways to do things safely, particularly if presented with a problem that was unexpected and required dynamic risk assessment. He was also was a St John Ambulance-trained first aider and a St John Ambulance- trained fire marshal.

Chris was not frightened to engage in challenging health and safety situations, embracing lessons learned with an understanding of the dynamics of the job, and was able to support and engage effectively with others. His experience as a lecturer meant that he was able to communicate with young people in a way that encouraged them to come forward with concerns or with suggestions. He was an excellent mentor, providing a safe environment for the apprentices to voice their opinions.

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