Andy Townsend

General Manager Andy Townsend was honoured with an Archangel Award by RoSPA at the 2016 London awards ceremony.

He is the General Manager of the Lifeskills education centre in Bristol. Founded in 2000, it has delivered hands-on interactive safety education to 150,000 people using life-size, realistic scenarios. In a typical year, some 9,000 Year 6 primary school children visit the centre.

Why was Andy nominated for a Guardian Angel Award?

Andy has managed the Bristol Lifeskills centre since it opened in 2000. Over the last 15 years in his charge, the centre owes much of its success to Andy's commitment, enthusiasm and leadership.

What Guardian Angel characteristics did Andy show?

Guardian Angels are individuals who make a clear difference in the world of safety and accident prevention through their actions. Andy’s enthusiasm and leadership shown towards Lifeskills has been inspirational in many ways. He motivates his staff and volunteers – who also play a key role in the success of Lifeskills - on a daily basis to do their best in delivering high quality safety education.

He also works tirelessly to keep the centre financially viable and now leads a fundraising programme to increase the centre’s visitor capacity.

What is the Archangel Award?

It is given to a small number of standout Guardian Angel Award winners each year, from within the many outstanding winning nominations we receive. Andy was one such nominee who fitted this bill in 2016.

All successful Guardian Angel Award winners can also attend one of our daytime ceremonies with colleagues to collect their award.

Do you know a potential future winner?

Andy is one of many safety heroes who deserved recognition with a Guardian Angel Award. You may know someone with qualities just like his in your workplace.

The awards aren’t just limited to workplace safety however. You can nominate anyone who speaks up for safety – whether it’s their job to or not!

RoSPA Guardian Angel Award nominations are accepted for safety champions from within the workplace, community, or general public. Nominate someone for a Guardian Angel Award or find out more about the RoSPA Health and Safety Awards.

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