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Colchester Zoo prides itself on maintaining a safe and efficient working environment. The Zoo has been awarded a RoSPA Award for health and safety, which has enabled them to set goals for staff to meet and exceed.

Construction Manager, John Game discusses why the zoo entered the RoSPA awards and how the organisation will continue to improve their attitude towards health and safety issues.

Why did you enter the RoSPA Awards?

Colchester Zoo decided to enter the RoSPA Awards for staff to recognise goals which we are aiming to meet and exceed.

Why is achieving a RoSPA Award important to your business?

Achieving the RoSPA Award has been a great way to recognise how well the staff have worked together and achieved the goals set in a short space of time. This has helped with team morale and motivation to continue and exceed their great work.

How is health and safety managed in your organisation?

Colchester Zoo manages health and safety within the business but also have a health and safety consultant visit twice per week.

Colchester Zoo

What is your greatest health and safety achievement over the past year?

Over the past year Colchester Zoo has increased knowledge of health and safety within the workforce and this has improved the overall working environment which has reflected in a recent audit which is now a respectable 92%.

How will you build on your RoSPA Award going forward?

Going forward we will continue with training and implementing new strategies to maintain a safe and more efficient working environment.

What advice do you have for other organisations entering or thinking of entering the RoSPA Awards?

For other organisations entering The RoSPA Awards we would advise that a realistic benchmark is set for staff and to offer as much practical staff training as possible. Inevitably this will increase work output and enhance the team's morale and attitude towards health and safety issues.

The RoSPA Health and Safety Awards are open to organisations of all sizes from across a wide spectrum of industries. Apply for a RoSPA Health and Safety award or find out more about the awards.

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