GPIC and the RoSPA Occupational Health and Safety Awards

GPIC's association with the annual RoSPA Occupational Health and Safety Awards is of particular note. Its journey through the scheme began in the early 1990s, when the organisation initially won a bronze achievement award. In 2005, having climbed through the award ranks, GPIC reached the pinnacle of success when it was named the winner of the highest accolade in the RoSPA Awards - the Sir George Earle Trophy. The internationally-recognised trophy is presented in honour of a firm's outstanding occupational health and safety management performance.

"The Sir George Earle Trophy is the highest testimony from the world's leading occupational health and safety organisation, RoSPA, that a company of our size from a small country can positively safeguard and improve the wellbeing of its employees and contractors and still serve its customers and stakeholders positively.

Winning the Sir George Earle Trophy in 2005 was a singular honour, which we shall utilise to extend our safety, health and environment philosophy in industry locally and regionally, as well as internationally."

Abdulrahman Jawahery, General Manager, Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co

Among the factors which led to the RoSPA awards panel selecting GPIC for the trophy were: its outstanding top-level leadership of health and safety; its efforts in taking the best from worldwide health and safety standards to build a truly robust risk management regime; the various steps it had taken to involve its whole workforce in health and safety; its strong focus on off-the-job safety; and its efforts to involve employees' families and the wider community in numerous initiatives to raise awareness of health, safety and environmental issues.

The way an organisation manages environmental issues is a crucial measure of its standards of corporate social responsibility, competitiveness and vision

The panel was also greatly impressed by the substantial and positive influence which GPIC had on the continuing development of health and safety legislation and culture within Bahrain and its commitment to embed such values in the continuing development of its society.

GPIC's enduring run of success in the RoSPA Awards has continued since 2005. Most recently - in the 54th running of the awards scheme - it won the Chemical Industry Sector Award.

GPIC Awards being presented

Alongside its own RoSPA Awards successes, generous GPIC sponsorship led to the creation of a new award in 2007 - the International Dilmun Environmental Award.

The way an organisation manages environmental issues is a crucial measure of its standards of corporate social responsibility, competitiveness and vision. As more and more organisations have accepted the link between these, it has become increasingly clear that, like health and safety, environmental concerns must be managed strategically and integrated at the very heart of management systems and decision-making.

RoSPA and GPIC believe that businesses have a fundamental role to play in enhancing and protecting the environment and that by providing recognition for an environmental "champion", others can be encouraged to adopt the same philosophy.

The GPIC and RoSPA relationship is an excellent example of how exemplary health and safety can become part of a continuing success story.

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