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Why did you want to get involved in the RoSPA Awards?

This association has been particularly valued by our training business which delivers events-related training internally and externally, the RoSPA Awards logo sets us apart from others.

"...the RoSPA Awards process linked us to 2000+ Award winners globally."

Dan Baldwin, Health and Safety Advisor at NEC Group

What can be done over the year to keep drafting the Awards submission simple?

Our submission was very much a team effort. We are a very diverse business and it was important to us to get across who we are and what we do to ensure the judges really understood what we had achieved over the year. At the outset, we established a common understanding of what the award process required and during the year discussed our evidence at team meetings to ensure that there were no gaps in our submission. A systematic approach gave us the opportunity to reflect on the evidence as the year unfolded and filter as necessary.

What hints or tips would you give to prospective RoSPA Awards Applicants?

My advice is to agree a plan and stick to it, to coach your team so they know what evidence is a good fit and manage your awards process as you would any other project you deliver on behalf of your organisation. We had excellent management buy-in and the support of board members. If I could summarise in a few words they would be 'Plan forward and reflect back' it worked for us.

How has entering the Awards benefit you?

Sharing success within the organisation was really valuable to raise the profile of our health and safety team internally. The proactive way we tackled the RoSPA Awards process linked us to 2000+ Award winners globally.

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