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Throughout the UK, Phillips 66 markets fuels under the JET brand. Their network of branded distributors supply directly to the domestic, farming and light industry markets. Safety, occupational health and the environment are top priorities for Phillips 66’s operations worldwide. Measurable health, safety and environmental objectives are set for all their operations and they continually strive to improve performance.

We spoke to Russell Best regarding Phillips 66’s recent RoSPA Award success.

Why did you enter the RoSPA Awards?

We see this as a good independent test of how our HSE systems stand up to scrutiny and compare with our peers.

Why is achieving a RoSPA Award important to your business?

Phillips 66 demand high standards of the dealers, distributors and contractors operating under our brand.

Achieving recognition from RoSPA demonstrates we are leading by example.

How is health and safety managed in your organisation?

The emphasis is on everyone being involved and engaged. Whilst our leaders lead by example, everyone, no matter where they sit in our organisation is responsible for safety and understands they have the authority to stop any activity they feel is unsafe. Each department shares responsibility for communicating safety initiatives and all of our contractors meet to share their experiences in safety.

Phillips 66

How will you build on your RoSPA Award going forward?

We’ll seek to improve and also encourage our contractors to enter the awards.

What advice do you have for other organisations entering or thinking of entering the RoSPA Awards?

Start collating your entry and gathering evidence as soon as possible in the year, get a team together each month to consider what you have done or are planning to do that you can include in the awards entry, as this makes compiling your submission at the end of the year much easier. Ask for feedback on your entry from RoSPA and make sure you address any shortcomings.

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