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Managing Director, Simon Randall answers some of our questions regarding this year's awards.

Why did you enter the RoSPA Awards?

To help us excel in the field of health and safety and ensure we're up to date with current thinking and best practice. Also, to demonstrate to clients – both existing and prospective – that our commitment to this aspect of our work is unwavering. We believe that having a RoSPA Award helps enormously when we pitch for new business.

Why is achieving a RoSPA Award important to your business?

It's a real differentiator. It shows that we don't just go through the health and safety motions for the purposes of completing forms. We consciously build it in to every element of everything we do.

How is health and safety managed in your organisation?

We manage health and safety as part of our integrated management system (IMS). This is independently audited in accordance with OSHAS 18001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001.

What is your greatest health and safety achievement over the past year?

We've been audited for - and obtained - OSHAS 18001 accreditation and achieved the RoSPA standard. We've also been incident and accident free again this year.

How will you build on your RoSPA Award going forward?

We'll be continuing along the RoSPA route. Our aim is to go a step further next time and win the RoSPA Gold Award.

What advice do you have for other organisations entering or thinking of entering the RoSPA Awards?

Put health and safety at the centre of everything you do. Be well informed about relevant legislation affecting your industry sector and work processes. Be meticulous with risk assessments and put a senior person in charge of health and safety. Learn from case studies and other resources. Have a clear plan in place should anything untoward happen. Finally, have a system and documentation in place that demonstrates how you've addressed all the above points.

The RoSPA Health and Safety Awards are open to organisations of all sizes from across a wide spectrum of industries. Apply for a RoSPA Health and Safety award or find out more about the awards.

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