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Starting with only two staff handling small projects and sub-contracting works, Teambuild has over the last 25 years grown into a multi-disciplinary organisation with subsidiaries providing architectural, structural, electrical, precast aluminium and steel fabrication work with a total staff strength of more than 350.

Located in Singapore, Teambuilds Executive Director discusses how achieving the RoSPA International Sector Award was a remarkable milestone for the organisation.

Why did you enter the RoSPA Awards?

Participating and winning the RoSPA Award served to benchmark our company’s safety and health performance with the industry, and help us stay focus led in our efforts in the areas of safety. The award will affirm our efforts in the area of safety and will spur us on to do even better.

Why is achieving a RoSPA Award important to your business?

The construction workplace is a potentially high-risk environment. The best motivation to every individual is to know that the company places high importance on the well-being and safety of our staff.

At the end of each work day, we want every one of our workers to be able to go back safely and to be able to continue to provide for their families. Having a good workplace safety record by achieving a RoSPA award will boost employees morale, which in turn, increases productivity and efficiency. It also builds confidence in our clients that their projects are delivered under high safety standards.

How is health and safety managed in your organisation?

Teambuild’s management takes the lead in commitment to the company’s workplace safety and health by being directly involved in the policy, direction and even inspections of the sites.

The management set the best environmental health and safety standards and the commitment to provide all the necessary resources for the team to execute and implement the environmental health and safety management system.

The management also constantly communicate and reinforce the commitment to safety messages to all staff through key company events.

New and relevant environmental health and safety regulations are also disseminated to staff through the monthly project managers’ meeting and to ensure control measures are put in place to reduce risks at work.

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How will you build on your RoSPA Award going forward?

Teambuild will continue to build on our safety culture and to instil this safety mind-set in our workers and staff. Many are comfortable in their way of doing things. It takes perseverance and commitment both from the management down to the individual worker to instil a safety culture in the workplace. It is important that we do not get complacent and let our guard down, that is when accidents will happen.

To build a strong safety culture takes time, teamwork, effort, persistence and commitment by everyone and a “can-do” attitude. We will focus on doing this part well.

What advice do you have for other organisations entering or thinking of entering the RoSPA Awards?

Winning a RoSPA Awards conveys a very strong message of the organisation’s commitment to safety. That we are here to lead and influence in creating a better and safer workplace for everyone to work in. It strengthens our confidence on the vision of creating a sustainable safety and health culture in the organisation that will drive high safety standards and consistent performance.

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