Achievement Awards

Acheivement Award

The Achievement Awards are non-competitive and are based on an organisation's individual health and safety performance.

Organisations are invited to enter any, or a combination of, the Achievement Awards below:

Occupational Health & Safety

These awards recognise an organisations overall health and safety performance, policies and procedures.

Fleet Safety

The Fleet Safety Awards reward excellence and encourage improvement in the key area of managing occupational road risk.

All entries will also be assessed for suitability for the RoSPA Fleet Safety Trophy and RoSPA Fleet Safety Technology Trophy.

Leisure Safety

The Leisure Safety Awards recognises excellence among companies that primarily offer services direct to guests and visitors. 

Companies will be required to demonstrate a clear commitment, and proven performance in managing risks to their own staff, contractors, volunteers and visitors.

All entries will also be assessed for suitability for the RoSPA Leisure Safety Trophy.

Achievement Award Levels

  • Merit
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Gold Medal (5-9 consecutive Gold Awards)
  • President's Award (10-14 consecutive Gold Awards)
  • Order of Distinction (15-24 consecutive Gold Awards)
  • Patron's Award (25+ consecutive Gold Awards)

“The Awards help us to demonstrate our commitment to excellent standards. In addition, it contributes to motivate our workforce to become better and better in that field.”

- Huang Yuan Zheng, President, CGN EE

Entry Requirements

  • Answer the key performance questions as listed in the award category guide
  • Provide accident, ill health and enforcement data
  • Supply hyperlinked evidence to support your entry

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