The RoSPA Health at Work Award

RoSPA Awards

This trophy is presented to the UK-based entrant demonstrating the best management of Health at Work.

The award comprises:

  • The RoSPA Health at Work Award Trophy to be held permanently
  • Entitlement to use the award logo on corporate stationery and website
  • Entitlement to fly a RoSPA Award Winner Flag.

Entrants will be required to:

  • Complete an Achievement or Industry Sector Award submission
  • Provide accident, ill health and enforcement data
  • Supply cross-referenced/hyperlinked evidence to support your entry
  • Compile a separate Health at Work Award submission, hyperlinked to supporting evidence. The submission should highlight innovative work in particular and show: ◦ Strategic vision for health in the organisation, with targets for achieving this:
    • Access to specialist occupational health expertise
    • Organisation of key roles, competence assurance and training – linked to key issues/risks
    • Evidence based, corporate occupational health standards and targets, integrated as part of business plans
    • Identification, assessment, prevention and control of health risks, prioritised and adapted to meet business and individual needs
    • 'Wellness at work' (particularly mental health), attendance management and rehabilitation
    • Communication of occupational health information, externally and internally
    • Active monitoring of health, investigating health problems, implementing lessons learned
    • Reviewing health performance, assessing progress, setting new targets/priorities and reporting on performance
    • Specific activities which distinguish your organisation's approach to health and work, in particular any innovation.

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