The Sir George Earle Trophy

RoSPA Awards

The pinnacle of the RoSPA Awards scheme is the Sir George Earle Trophy. This prestigious trophy is internationally recognised as the premier performance award for occupational health and safety.

This trophy was donated to RoSPA in 1956 by Sir George Earle, then President of the Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers Ltd to promote and celebrate outstanding contributions to health and safety at work.

Submission requirement: No additional submission is required. This award will be presented to the best sector award winner following a site visit and an interview with the awards adjudication panel.

The Adjudication Panel Judges will look for those entries with innovative and unique elements that give rise to 'health and safety pride' as probed by Key Performance Question 10. Some examples might include evidence of:

  • Outstanding director leadership on health and safety
  • Innovative approaches to workforce involvement
  • "Joined up" working between the organisation's different health, safety, environment and human resources professionals
  • Occupational health and wellbeing initiatives
  • Sharing and extending occupational health and safety expertise through supply chains etc.
  • Novel solutions for occupational health and safety problems
  • Success in managing occupational road risk
  • Promoting "24/7" safety initiatives
  • "Good neighbouring" in the community e.g. by working with vulnerable groups (young children, teenagers, the elderly)
  • Achievement of acknowledged hallmarks of health and safety excellence
  • Going public on health and safety performance in annual reports and on websites
  • Participation in wider health and safety campaigns and initiatives.

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