2017 Roll of Honour Citations

The Sir George Earle Trophy

Berkeley Homes (East Thames) Ltd

In selecting Berkeley Homes (East Thames) Ltd the panel was influenced by a tangible feeling of personal responsibility, and drive from the directors to improve health and safety performance. This was communicated with genuine passion – at both board and site level, showing it to be integral to the business culture.

Competency assurance throughout the supply chain was an equally impressive feature, as was the readiness to assist partners in improving their own performance, with supply chain staff fully supporting and understanding the high health and safety standards and aspirations of Berkeley Homes (East Thames) Ltd.

The panel noted that health and wellbeing was well recognised as an important driver to support retention of experienced employees, with an excellent understanding of health risks, and initiatives such as free breakfasts – to help maintain blood sugar levels throughout the day.

Innovation was also a strong feature, with a positive attitude to building risk elimination and reduction into the entire design, manufacture and construction process. A simple yet effective example of this was various trade contractors sharing the same offices on site, facilitating shared learning and enhancing communication.

East Thames's involvement with the local community was also exemplary. This could be seen in a conscious drive to use local labour where possible, providing training via a dedicated skills academy. Local children are also inspired through 'have a go' days where they come on site under supervision to experience different trades.

The panel were roundly impressed by Berkeley Homes (East Thames) Ltd, and the example set by the way they manage their health and safety responsibilities.

Archangel Awards

Jason Anker

Many in the health and safety industry will already be familiar with Jason – such has been his influence in communicating the life-changing implications of safety failings.

In 1993, he was paralysed from the waist down, following an avoidable accident on a construction site – when he was just 24 years old.

You may have heard his honest account of the devastation that the incident caused to both him and his friends and family.

This struggle and rehabilitation left him unable to talk about his experience for many years.

However, the decision to speak openly to others about his experience led to an outstanding ability to communicate the importance of safety in a raw, engaging and emotional way.

Has gone on to communicate the importance of safety in a way that cuts through health and safety's rules, regulations and checklists, and engages even the most hardened worker on why it matters, along with mentoring others with similar experiences to do the same.

As an innovator in health and safety communication, despite the personal emotional cost, RoSPA would like to honour Jason Anker with an Archangel Award.

Faith Hazlewood

Faith was nominated for Guardian Angel award for her pivotal role in educating children about water safety.

Faith is a devoted volunteer at the Canal & River Trust, donating an impressive 546 hours to the Trust's learning programme, Canal & River Explorers, since joining in 2013.

From January to March 2016, Explorers ran their annual 'Winter Water Safety Campaign' – offering free, volunteer led water safety assemblies to primary schools across England and Wales. Faith played a crucial role in administering this campaign, managing a nationwide schools' database to record bookings and allocate volunteers to deliver them across England and Wales. The campaign was a huge success and as a result, Faith was inundated with assembly requests.

As well as administering the campaign, Faith also found time to deliver many of the assemblies herself. Faith has a unique approach when it comes to engaging with children. She makes the assemblies fun and engaging for all age groups, but she also has a gentle demeanour which ensures children are not scared about the potential hazards surrounding our waterways. This approach generated a great response amongst teachers, many of whom went on to book subsequent assemblies for their school.

Overall, the campaign engaged 28,000 children in 2016, through both the assemblies and water safety resources.

Faith was the engine behind all of this – and it's thanks to her efforts that so many children will now be able to enjoy our waterways safely.

For this dedication and commitment to safety education, RoSPA would like to present Faith with an Archangel Award.

Chris Wood

Chris Wood was working as a Site Operative until he unfortunately had a workplace accident, from which he sustained injuries leaving him unable to continue in his position.

After several months of rehabilitation, he was offered the opportunity to return to work in a different role - as an in-house safety trainer for the company's workforce.

Following his accident, Chris seized this opportunity to influence the safety of others, and is now responsible for delivering safety training to more than four hundred staff working at Marlborough Surfacing.

Daily, he not only delivers high quality safety education, but his enthusiasm and passion for safety helps motivate attendees to better understand the importance workplace health and safety, leading to significant improvements in safety culture – particularly in areas such as reporting of near-miss incidents.

Chris has, without a doubt, helped Marlborough improve health and safety standards across the board, having influenced attendees at more than one thousand training sessions over the last three years, led by his great sense of humour and positive outlook.

With a good understanding of the risks presented by driving for work, he has also been hugely supportive of the transport department, who he assists in inducting new employees, and helps with monitoring vehicle safety standards

Chris also finds time to coach a neighbourhood football team outside of work, who also benefit from his caring positive approach, and excellent motivational ability.

For overcoming adversity to embrace his role as a significant safety influencer, RoSPA are honoured to present Chris with an Archangel Award.

Jennifer Deeney

Just over 13 years ago, Jennifer Deeney took a phone call that changed her life forever.

Kieron, her construction worker husband of just 13 weeks, had a severe fall after someone took a short cut on site.

After struggling to get more information, the police rang and said she needed to go to the station. She knew the worst had happened. Kieron had sadly died at the scene of the accident.

Shattered by what had happened, Jennifer threw herself into her work during what was a very difficult time. She reflected on the injustice of someone leaving for work - to support their family - yet never returning. Jennifer's response was to take the courageous decision to speak about the impact of her husband's death.

Amongst other things, this decision has led her to create a moving training video about her and Kieron's story, and allowed her to speak directly to safety teams and employees about the impact of workplace accidents.

Whilst it cannot be measured, she has - and continues to - undoubtedly help protect the lives of others within the workforce who have heard her powerful message.

For this commitment, RoSPA would like to honour Jennifer with an Archangel Award.

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