2018 Roll of Honour Citations

The Sir George Earle Trophy

In selecting National Physical Laboratory (NPL) as winner of the 2018 Sir George Earle Trophy, the judging panel noted that rather than just relying on formal systems and procedures, the strength of NPL's health and safety management capability is rooted in the care and concern shown by the organisation's culture.

Judges praised NPL's commitment to embracing a wide safety agenda, including a strong focus on developing the safety skillset of the next generation. A new focus on investing in and supporting apprentices is being widely embraced, embedding health and safety values and knowledge.

Apprentices are also widely used in NPL's STEM programme, providing educational outreach to thousands of school and college students, to promote interest in science and medicine. Teaching pupils to understand and manage the risks associated with the exciting experiments and activities they take part in is a core part of the learning process.

Widely respected in the scientific community, NPL's ability to influence was also noteworthy. Through involvement with many other organisations and networks in the laboratory-based science field, both in the UK

and overseas – including certain leading universities – NPL is able to share widely and compare operational experience and best practice in health and safety, and make a positive impact outside its own confines.

The panel was impressed by the strong example being set by NPL within its industry, and its approach not just to its own health and safety management, but shaping the understanding of the international science-based working community.

Archangel Awards

Laurence Bevan

Laurence was nominated in the 2018 Guardian Angel Award category by his former Employer - Hydro Extrusion UK - where he worked as a Health, Safety and Environmental Manager.

In his role, Laurence went the extra mile – putting in effort to keep his employees safe. His career has taken him elsewhere since we received the nomination – but he left a legacy of over 900 days without significant injury at Hydro's Cheltenham plant.

But safety doesn't stop there for Laurence. At the end of the working day, he volunteers for the Blood Bike Service – acting as an emergency courier for the NHS, on standby to deliver life-saving blood stocks at any time of night.

Laurence became interested in the Blood Bike service - a nationwide charity - shortly after passing his test in 2013. To join his local Blood Bike group – Severn Freewheelers – he first had to become an advanced motorcyclist. He accomplished this in 2015, examined by a police-trained rider.

Laurence joined Seven Freewheelers the following month, and has ridden for them ever since – completing over 250 deliveries – and some 12,000 miles in the saddle.

On-call overnight half a week at a time, he is also a trained blue light responder – allowing him to make safer progress during an emergency response call.

Laurence continues to reinvest his knowledge and experience, training as an observer for his local advanced riding group – helping others to become safer motorcyclists.

For his commitment to improving the safety of others both at work and out of hours – RoSPA would like to present Laurence with an Archangel Award.

Dave West

In his work of raising awareness of hazards and near misses with Biffa's waste collection crews, a hazard was repeatedly identified that had no easily controllable solution. Cars driving recklessly on pavements to get past who crews collecting bins.

This problem also affects any pedestrian who might be using the pavement – with potentially life changing consequences.

Dave championed the development a safety campaign called DRoPs (Driving Recklessly on Pavements), to highlight this previously unrecognised danger faced by crews the public.

Working with the Police, he put in place a reporting process that within 12 months was taken on by over 20 Police forces UK wide - and is still growing, and recognised by many safety bodies.

His tireless work has spread the DRoPs message to every private waste and recycling contractor in the UK, every local authority, and even internationally.

While the problem hasn't stopped, the campaign has greatly increased awareness of such dangerous driving taking being unacceptable – and seen an increase in action against reckless drivers.

RoSPA recognise Dave's wide-reaching efforts with the presentation of an Archangel Award.

Wincanton Screwfix

In 2018, RoSPA are awarding a very special group of individuals - connected by both their selfless actions, and their employer - Wincanton's Screwfix contract. Their actions have been nothing short of inspirational to their colleagues on the driver team.

Stef Buckley

Stef was delivering to York. She heard a scream and saw a female cyclist struck by a lorry. Lying face down, she had a significant leg injury. Stef rushed to the scene, stopping the bleeding and keeping the cyclist conscious until the emergency services arrived. The cyclist was 16 weeks pregnant. Stef later received news that the baby had survived, and medical teams were able to save the injured leg.

Vince Keeling

On the A1, Vince came across an overturned HGV. Vince stopped his own vehicle and climbed up the overturned cab to get inside. He found the driver unconscious, and remained with him – taking care of him until the emergency services arrived. The driver had suffered a suspected heart attack. Stopping and helping at the scene of a serious HGV accident, Vince went above beyond to help protect the life of a complete stranger.

Paul Rowley

Paul was driving to work on the A34. He saw what looked like a body at the side of the road, so turned around to investigate. It was indeed a body - which showed no sign of movement. He called the emergency services and the paramedic gave guidance over the phone on what first aid action to take. The individual had suffered a stroke and the emergency services advised that Paul's actions had helped save the person's life.

Robbie Forrester

Robbie was on the M40 when he met a damaged car facing the wrong way in the middle lane. The driver was clearly in shock, and a risk to himself trying to put up a warning triangle in the live carriageway. Robbie manoeuvred his truck and trailer, protecting the from the traffic. Whilst doing this, he also found a woman lying in the middle of road - with cars still driving around her. The emergency services arrived and took control. The driver of the car contacted Robbie's depot to express gratitude for his quick thinking. His partner – who had been found on the road - made a full recovery, having been sheltered from further injury. Robbie sadly passed away at the end of 2016 .

Robbie's actions, along with those of Stef, Vince and Paul have resulted in Wincanton giving the option for its drivers to take up "Driver First Assist" training - vital life-saving advice for those arriving first at the scene of an accident.

RoSPA would like to honour their courageous actions – with each receiving an Archangel Award.

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