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Family Safety Week

Family Safety Week

Small changes can save lives 

The dangers we face in life can often seem out of our control, whether it be a global pandemic, a financial crisis or the threat of climate change. But each one of us has the power to save lives and reduce the catastrophic impact that accidents have on our families, friends and communities by making simple changes to our everyday routines. These changes are free and easy to implement – it’s about being aware of the risks and communicating with each other.

This year’s Family Safety Week aims to shine a spotlight on the biggest causes of accidents. These often forgotten killers are not inevitable but they cause untold hurt to thousands of people’s lives every year. Often it is the most vulnerable who are affected. We all have the power to do something to help stop this from happening. Let’s join together and make a positive change for those we love.

Fighting falls 

Falls will be the main focus of this year’s Family Safety Week. They are the single biggest cause of accidental injuries in the home, and sadly the largest cause of accidental death among over-65s in the UK.

Every year more than a third of people over the age of 65 (and half of those over 80) have a fall that requires hospital treatment, costing the NHS and wider healthcare system more than £2.3billion every year.

As well as having a huge impact on society at large, falls can also have a devastating effect on individual lives; from physical injuries, long-term health effects and disabilities to trauma and poor mental health, loss of mobility, loneliness, social isolation and loss of independence.

Despite this, making simple and low-cost changes can prevent falls from happening. In partnership with RSA Insurance Group, we have launched the Fall Fighter movement, which is designed to educate and empower people of all ages with the small changes they can make to help family, friends and others in their communities.

Taking part is easy – simply complete a free 15-minute fall prevention awareness session online and you will become a Fall Fighter.

Small changes to protect young people

As well as raising awareness of falls, we will be sharing advice on the small changes we can make to protect children from accidents, including:

  • Pedestrian child safety

  • The risks associated with swallowing magnets and button batteries

  • Water safety.

Get involved!


Make a real difference – become a RoSPA Fall Fighter

Check out our webpage to find out how you can make a difference and become a RoSPA Fall FIghter

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Download the free Fall Fighter materials to deliver the session in-house or download the online e-learning files to run on your own e-learning system.

Get social!

We’ll be sharing advice, tips and resources on social media throughout Family Safety Week, so come and find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please share our posts and let us know if you are doing any awareness raising or holding any events during the week, using the hashtag #FSW, as well as downloading our Family Safety Week supporter social media assets!