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Activity sheet answers

Answer sheet

These activity sheets are designed to help you start safety conversations of varying depths, depending on your child's level of understanding.

We've jotted down some answers here, but you can find out lots more at where you can also add your own tips and advice.

Hunt the hazard

There are lots of dangers in the kitchen. Here are some to talk about with your child:

  • Kettle with hanging cord – scald
  • Oven – burn
  • Pot on stove with handle sticking out – burn
  • Sharp knives – cut
  • Water spill on floor – slip
  • Open lower drawers – trip
  • Bottle of bleach – poisoning
  • Drawers – trapped finger
  • Skateboard – trip
  • Washing machine – injury risk from machine itself, and liquid laundry capsules
  • Hot drink – scald

Spot the difference

Word search

The message for grown-ups is "When I'm in the bath, you need to be within arm's reach"

Be amazed

Most accidents happen in the home. Visit our website to find out more.