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Did you know that accidents cost the lives of an average of 500 people every year in Northern Ireland and vie with intentional self-harm as the leading cause of preventable premature death until the age of 60?

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They have caused injuries ranging from relatively minor cuts and bruises to life-changing facial scarring and disabilities. In addition to this:

  • The cost to society of accidents in Northern Ireland is estimated to be £4.3billion every year, with home and leisure accidents accounting for £2.7billion of this cost
  • While road fatalities have fallen over the last decade, fatal home and leisure accidents have risen and are set to rise by a further third over the next 15 years
  • Young children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to accidents in the home.

Yet, prevention is fairly easy to implement and inexpensive to deliver. That's why it is one of RoSPA's key campaigns to make accident prevention a public health priority.

View Northern Ireland's Big Book of Accident Prevention, which was funded by the Public Health Agency, Northern Ireland (PHA), to help bring the issue of accident prevention to the heart of the government.

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