Michael Corley

As head of campaigns and fundraising, it was Michael Corley's job to persuade people to donate to RoSPA or raise funds for us. He even persuaded himself to blow the dust off his trainers and run a half-marathon in aid of RoSPA.

Michael shared the trials and tribulations of his training regime with readers of our Safety Gone Sane blog as he prepared for October 2013's BUPA Great Birmingham Run.

"The organisers had made it simple for a flaky first-timer like me by providing a training schedule," he blogged. "Printing it off and tacking it to the wall was the easy bit. Getting up at 7am on a Sunday and going out after a gruelling day at work is the not-so-easy bit.

"But then when I'm wheezing through bronchial tubes and feeling twinges in my gammy knee something suddenly occurs to me: I'm doing this for a damn good reason. If you haven't already guessed, the UK's biggest killer of young children is…accidents.

"About 18,000 people will line up alongside me in the autumn. About the same number of people will be wiped out by an accident between the end of this year's race and the start of next. And almost all of those deaths will be preventable."

Come the big day, and Michael completed the course in 1 hour, 57 minutes and 38 seconds, buoyed on by the big-hearted Brummie crowd, who lined the route "to offer high-fives, drinks, sweets, songs, applause and encouragement."

"Crossing the line after 13.1 miles was like nothing else – you're filled with an enormous sense of wellbeing that you want to pass to others," he said. "And I suppose that's why I love working for a charity – and for RoSPA, in particular."

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