Tess Bowen

Tess Bowen

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We were blessed on the morning of March 12, 2016 to see the sun shining after a forecast of wind and snow. It made the thought of running a 10k military course only slightly more inviting!

I rocked up to the entrance of the Major Series at 9am, shaking with nerves. Once I’d joined up with the team I felt 100 times better, we were in this together and we were going to reach that finish line!

After a military style warm up we made a start, our first obstacle – an ice-cold river. My heart was pounding, almost panicking as the coldness took my breath away! But once we reached the bank, that was it, we were wet, cold and muddy, there was no choice but to just go for it!

I found this run more challenging than last year’s Wolf Run, it was all uphill, which I hadn’t trained in and not being a fan of heights, the vertical wall particularly worried me! But everyone helped each other, not just the RoSPA team but other runners too! There was a really fun team-building atmosphere!

Tess Bowen

Tess Bowen
Campaigns and Fundraising Assistant

The run was hard, the mud was disgusting and sticky, and the soldiers were scary when they were making us do push-ups, but it was worth every minute. I had to remind myself why occasionally, so I thought of all the homes LifeForce have visited over the last year. I thought of the volunteers helping families to make positive changes in their home, to make their children safer.

With this, and a long rest in mind, we climbed over to the finish line (quite literally)! Together we managed to raise over £400 for RoSPA LifeForce! You can support us and congratulate us by sponsoring us on our JustGiving Page.

It wasn’t easy, but it was definitely worth it!

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