Tom Knowles

Account manager Tom Knowles was no stranger to fundraising but he took an unusual approach to raise money for RoSPA – stepping into the ring in May 2012 to fight it out with an unknown opponent.

Tom had long been a supporter of RoSPA – he remembered the support we offered to his parents when they were concerned about the safety of a playground near their home.

He decided to fundraise for us after the death of his friend Bradley Coker in 2010. Bradley was killed in a plane crash while taking part in a sky dive in New Zealand.

An investigation showed that the plane was overloaded and had undertaken more than 70 flights without undergoing the proper safety checks.

"Bradley's accident shocked all of his friends and family. His parents worked to raise awareness of the need for better safety regulations for outdoor adventure sports providers in New Zealand but I wanted to do something closer to home," said Tom.

"His death emphasised the impact that accidents have on society and I wanted to support RoSPA's work which saves lives and reduces injuries here and abroad."

The CRN Fight Night charity event matched fighters (by day normal office workers) who took part in a professionally refereed bout after 12 weeks of intensive training.

Tom trained hard, with the organisers of the event and in his spare time. He fundraised with support from his employer, family and friends who attended the black tie event. Profits from the evening were evenly split between the fighters' chosen charities.

He entered the ring to the Thomas the Tank Engine theme tune, to the delight of the crowd. His hard work paid off when he was proclaimed the winner just thirty seconds into the first round.

"I'm really pleased to have won. I prepared thoroughly and despite being nervous, I managed to use my knowledge to overpower my opponent," he said.

"It was a great evening - it may seem strange to do something so seemingly risky for a safety charity but I took steps to mitigate the risks. After all, RoSPA advocates being as safe as necessary not as safe as possible!"

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