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Life-Changing Devastation

When we talk about accidents, we're talking about the more than 15,000 people whose lives are cut tragically short every single year in the UK. We're talking about the one million children who end up in A&E and the thousands who are left disfigured, brain damaged or otherwise irrevocably changed by their injuries. We're talking about the young, the old and those from disadvantaged communities, all of whom are disproportionately likely to be killed or severely injured.

Michelle Patterson

We're talking about children like Harry, a five-year-old boy killed outside his home when his mother's car rolled on the driveway. We're talking about Jason, a construction worker who fell from a roof and was told at the age of 24 that he'd never walk again. We're talking about Leah, just 17-months-old when she died after being strangled by a blind cord.

We're talking about real people, with real hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future.

We're talking about people just like you.

We're talking about accidents that destroy lives, but that don't have to happen.


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